IP Tracking


Websites are pages of the web which are made containing information, audio and video files, images and much more. A website is hosted by a server and each computer has a name or an IP address through which you can find it to get the information that has been added to your web page in the computer network.


An IP address stands for Internet Protocol and it consists of numeric codes that are given to each computer that is participating in the computer network and communication. You should never confuse an IP address with the URL of a website. IP addresses are different for different websites.


These IP addresses can even be hacked and that is why you must try to make your IP as secure as possible in order to prevent it from getting tracked. There are many ways by which you can secure your IP address.


Using a Fixed IP Address

The very first thing that catches your eye when you search on how to secure your IP address is the consistency of your IP address. You must make sure that the IP address that you have come up with is not static. Although most gamers and others who travel a lot might prefer a static IP address, it must be kept in mind that once a hacker figures it out, he can attack again and again, trespassing on your virtual property.


 Link with DSL Account

Another factor to be considered involves your DSL account. Technically, an IP address is linked to your DSL account via a cable. This way the IP address does not change until the device is turned off. So you must try to power it off as often as possible every time you turn it on, there will be a different IP address visible and thus, harder to track than a constant one.


 Ensure a Unique User Agent

Every computer has a user agent and every time you log on to the internet, the browser gets to know about it and thus, someone can easily track it. However, if that user agent is unique, no one would be able to track it.


 Avoid Cookies!

Another thing that can secure your IP address is if you do not allow cookies in your computer, as cookies are something that can be used to track a computer. So for this purpose, you need to go to your browser settings and turn off the cookies option, or delete them once you are done browsing or surfing the internet.


 Download Protective Software today!

Another way to avoid getting your IP address tracked is to download software that provides protection against revealing your identity. This software helps you in securing your IP address. There is TOR, UltraSurf, MegaProxy along with other such software that are free of cost and can be used to ensure a safe browsing on the net.  The windows Firewall must always be turned on and if you are using some other antivirus for windows, make sure it’s firewall is turned on. Also, keep the software updated so that latest breaches can be tackled effectively.


Moreover, you must be very cautious and avoid clicking on random links from where you log on to a website. Instead of clicking on it, you can write it in the address bar and then browse, or you can just type it in the domain name of the website and get the results.


Cyber net is useful as well as dangerous at the same time. It is totally up to you to keep track of your security. So be on your toes at all times and employ the above-mentioned ways to keep hackers from accessing your PC.


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