Record Label Marketing

A revolution is slowly transpiring before our very eyes, which is likely to come to full fruition within the next twenty years tops. It’s no surprise to business people that the internet has changed the face of marketing, allowing users to reach out to a wider network of people with a smaller budget. In regards to music, the effects of this change are just as powerful and it is here that a revolution is happening. Musicians no longer need record labels as much as they did in the 90s or early 00s. Here are a few tips on how to use online marketing to become your own record label.


Whether your content is audio or video content, YouTube is the main network by which viewers will listen to your music. You must therefore ensure that you have a collection of songs on YouTube before doing anything.

While there are several other sites by which you can have music played on, YouTube is by far the most convenient and popular. Convenience is important when drawing in potential fans, as people want material that’s easily accessible.

Make sure you have a download link for viewers to download – at least some of –your music, as actively being on a person’s personal device music playlist is a powerful way of turning them into a fan.

It is very easy for a song to be on YouTube and only receive a total of 15 plays, 14 of which were yourself. So remember that YouTube is the network by which songs can be heard, however it isn’t the means through which you will be advertising your material.


You must contact as many blogs as possible and send them your YouTube material. Conduct an Outreachr campaign to outreach and look for bloggers and website owners that should want to showcase your music.

It is also important for some of these blogs to actively write about your music as not only will their readers and others be drawn to you through the blog’s recommendation, but your online presence will also increase, boosting the power behind your brand.

Become a Brand

Perhaps the most forgotten aspect of online music marketing is the need to turn yourself into a brand by which others can admire. Your online presence is the key behind your success and so; you must build and maintain it with absolute care.

Fill the web with quality content – videos, music, photos – and turn yourself into the type of brand that a label would turn you into.

Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be underestimated for a musician looking to generate a healthy following and turn themselves into a brand. It is also a good metric by which you can discern how many fans you actually have. Whether it’s through Twitter or Facebook, you must allow your social media following to grow organically, so that you have a better idea of how many units you can sell.

It is important that you not only have a social media presence, but also remain active on social media, to build a connection between yourself and fans.

Sell Music – Don’t Be Afraid To Keep It Cheap

Once you have generated a large enough following to make a considerable amount of money off, you ought to begin selling your music through platforms such as iTunes.

Don’t be afraid to keep it cheap to start off with, if you feel you won’t be able to entice many people to buy your music. Once you have sold a large amount of music on the cheap, you can then start raising your price confidently.

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