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We all know that social media and SEO are essential for every business. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop store, there’s something to be gained for either of these marketing scenarios. When implementing these strategies however, it’s easy to lose consistency and cohesion in you marketing efforts, particularly when they are overseen by multiple managers or account representatives. The best messages are those that accurately and effectively communicate value to a customer that in turn cultivates a profitable business relationship.


The Problem


Those messages are churned out and marketed by frontline employees and marketers that are the key component of developing valuable customer relationships and ensuring retention. Since a business’s profit margin is most often determined by the boots on the ground, it’s important to equip them with as much current and valuable information as possible so that their social media and SEO campaigns both carry the same relevant message.


If the company content that the marketers and other employees isn’t up-to-date, they risk feeding misinformation to a potential client or customer. Given the rate at which information is spread and distributed across the internet, it’s more important than ever to have a tool that feeds real-time company information to employees who are working directly with customers. It’s all about maintaining authority and trust.


The Solution


The solution, unsurprisingly, is in technology. The people on the frontline need to have an easy-to-access, up-to-date message that they can pull straight from the cloud anytime they need it. It’s vital for the marketers and employees representing your business to have access to that message so that they can be successful and build trust across a broad customer base. This trust is established by the valuable information and materials they are able to provide your customers that help cement them, and your company as a valuable resource for the consumer.


The people in charge (heads of the SEO, social media, and marketing departments) are constantly working on workforce strategy and compliance messages that need to be given out to the employees that are often tasked with the day to day marketing operations. It is important to have a centralized database of information which all of your employees can access and leverage to convey a consistent message to your audience. It also allows managers across several different departments to coordinate as well in order to craft a clearer, more unified message to their entire team.


The Outcome


Effective relationship marketing and employee enablement leads to an uptick in profits and increases efficiency across the board in service-intensive industries. Access to information and increased autonomy improves not only customer satisfaction and lifetime value, but also leads to a more fulfilled employee base. Happy reps make happy customers and retention of both employees and customers helps businesses cut costs and preserve profitable relationships, both internally and externally.


All of these elements coincide to create an extremely effective and efficient marketing campaign that leaves no loose ends..


The overall outcome then, with coordinating different marketing strategies and furthering the focus on relationship marketing, is that your company’s message is clear and concise all of the time and is focused on the areas where it matters most.  Whether the information is intended for a customer, SEO staffer, a marketer or a sales person each individual will be equipped with the necessary materials to make their communications with you and your company fruitful. Information is power and power is profit. A focus on timely and relevant information can have nothing but positive effects for your business.


There are many ways to educate yourself on social media to get to this level of effective communication, collaboration and technical expertise. Reputable training companies such as Distilled U are always a great option, reading articles on Moz , Search Engine Watch, or even an online degree in international marketing management.


About Author:

Kirk Kerr is an internet marketing expert and a student of social media and inbound marketing techniques. With a background in traditional and digital marketing from the College of Idaho, he is knowledgeable on a variety of topics including business management, marketing, and finance.