Enterprise SEO Tips


Enterprise SEO can work very well if implemented properly, but unfortunately there are many failure points and pitfalls that even the most experienced SEO technician cannot avoid. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of enterprise SEO.


Focus on your visitors


One of the main problems that faces enterprise SEO is the fact that the keywords and text are optimized for the site crawlers rather than for the actual people who are going to visit the pages. When you are a large organization the smallest change in content can make big impacts. While this may improve your search engine ranking, it can make the site almost impossible to navigate for the average human if there is too much focus on keywords. Overstuffing the keywords on your site can also negatively affect your site ranking. To avoid this, focus on your site visitors first and then optimize your keywords for the site crawlers.


Avoid subdomains at all cost


Creating a subdomain for your blog or sister site may seem like a good way to keep track of all of your pages without having to sift through dozens of unique URLs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Subdomains tend to draw the attention and authority away from the primary domain. If done carefully, you may be able to avoid a problem, but in most cases you will end up damaging your SEO rankings. Avoid this pitfall by either keeping everything under one single domain and create sub directories.



Don’t neglect your team


Creating an effective SEO system is an enormous task and in most cases it will require a team of trained individuals up to handling that task. If you assign your entire SEO project to a single individual, you will find yourself facing one of two possibilities. Either your site will be filled with repetitive and stuffed content that will damage your search engine rankings, or your SEO will take weeks or months to complete, which will also damage your rankings. Making sure you have a well trained team of sufficient size is the best way to avoid this problem.


Don’t Rush, but Don’t Dawdle Either


Rushing your search engine optimization development is a great way to make mistakes or leave out essential code or information. Both of these problems will negatively affect your search engine site ranking. This type of search engine optimization is very nearly an art form. You wouldn’t expect to see a polished marble sculpture after only a day or two of work, and you shouldn’t expect to see a polished SEO project after a short amount of time either. While you don’t want to spend an enormous amount of time on your project, if you wish to avoid another pitfall, don’t rush your team too much.


It’s too confusing


Most average users, beyond what they see on their Google or Bing search page, aren’t going to think twice about your search engine ranking or optimization. Your site should be organized first for clarity, then for optimization. No one is going to care if you have the best product or service in the world, if your pictures and descriptions are overwritten by text designed for optimization. Make your site user friendly and easy to navigate. The rest will take care of itself.

It may seem hard or in some cases nearly impossible to avoid some of these pitfalls when you are establishing your enterprise SEO. Just remember that search engine excellence isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. Spend some time and some money collecting the best information and the best minds to craft your search engine optimization and you will be astonished at the results.