Most people really don’t know what it is like to be an SEO professional. We are about more than just building a few links to a site. A real SEO professional will think about editorial calendars, social media engagement and customer relationship management.

 Here is a great infographic from the folks at Dot Com Infoway that dives into the life of an SEO pro. Enjoy!

Life of an SEO

The Power of SEO

Lets face it, SEO can be confusing which is why infographics like this can be great for education if you are just getting started with optimizing your website and perform a strong external Internet marketing campaign.

The folks at IDF Marketing put this great infographic together to help website owners understand the components and steps on how to optimize a website as well as performing the right steps external from the site.

SEO Infographic

Internet Marketing Legends

If you have never seen the top SEO legends in one location — here it is. The folks at recently came out with this infographic showcasing all the SEO/SEM legends since the search marketing game hit the business scene.

They also show some important data such as:

  • social influence
  • social following
  • industry interaction
  • achievement score

Who’s your favorite?

SEO Legends