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Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management is often a slippery slope for those who own and run websites. Whether it’s for a small, privately-owned business or a large company, website ranking and media presence online can affect profits and how consumers think about a company. If you or your company has been considering hiring an SEO and social media management company, there are ten benefits to this course of action that bring in new clients, raise profits, and improve the overall image of your company, large or small. These are the top 10 reasons for hiring an SEO & SMM company according to Anna Lythgoe – CEO of Level9 SEO, a Park City SEO services company:


1. Improved Copy writing


When small business owners set out to design a website for their company, they tend to focus more on the visual aspects of the page, such as picking out animated graphics and bright colors to catch a visitor’s eye. However, what they might not know is that while visual elements may catch the eye, it is the written information that cause people to remain on the site and decide to buy your product. An SEO company can provide you with this type of effective copy so that visitors to your site will understand will have an immediate understanding of what your company does and what it sells.


2. Improved Communication with Search Engine Spiders


Some web designers may wonder why their beautiful templates and sleek designs aren’t attracting customers or improving their site’s rankings. What they might fail to understand is that search engine spiders, which are responsible for scanning content for text in order for pages to be ranked correctly in terms of keywords, cannot can videos or images. A professional SEO company can provide you with text and keywords that search engine spiders will pick up more effectively, which will raise your page’s ranking.


3. SEO Expertise


Hiring an SEO company to help your page achieve higher rankings is cost effective because your page will receive a higher ranking and more visibility once the company helps you understand which terms are the most effective and how to use them. Most web masters think SEO just means keyword stuffing, but with search engine companies like Google on the lookout for these tactics, page designers have to be smarter and more prepared than ever to deal with optimization changes.


4. Avoid Mistakes That Penalize You


When you accidentally use a black-hat SEO tactic, such as keyword stuffing, to try and optimize your website, it may result in a banning from major search engines, and even a fine. This could spell disaster for you, especially if you have a small company with a limited budget. Because SEO mistakes can be costly, using a professional company for your optimization the first time around will help you avoid these errors and optimize your page correctly the first time during your initial launch.


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5. Company Employees Have a Wide Variety of Skills


Whether you need SEO assistance with your website, need effective copy written, or if you want to improve your social media presence, SEO and social media management companies often have a wide array of talented individuals to fit your needs. By covering all the bases, these companies can offer you either one service or as many as half a dozen, depending on the size of your business, and you will never have to worry about spending money on hiring more than one company to get the job done.


6. Experience vs. Knowledge


Even if you have read a number of SEO websites and books, the knowledge you try and pick up isn’t equal to the experience that SEO company professionals have. Thanks to their experience, they can tell you about the mistakes you’re making, how the mistakes your competitors are making can benefit you, and what today’s consumers are looking for when they shop online. Their experience has also made them passionate about what they do, so you can always rest assured they’re eager to help.


7. SEO Companies Can Help You Balance Your Budget


If you’re concerned about your budget, hiring an SEO and social media management company may seem like a big step. However, these companies can help you understand how to put your best foot forward when it comes to where to focus your resources. For example, if you’re pouring a lot of money into advertising that could be better spent on social media that will garner the same results, the company you hire can advise you how to shift your budget for better results.


8. More Effective Social Media Exposure


Hiring a social media management company is especially effective if you own a small business and want to give it more exposure. Even though you might have already created a Facebook or Twitter for your page, asking your family and friends to spread the word about your company may not be giving you the results you need. A professional company will boost your social media presence on the web, connect you with like businesses, and help you build a business relationship with them that is both far-reaching and profitable.


9. Your Site Will Be Viewed from a Fresh Perspective


Once you design your site from the ground up, including everything from the images to the text, it may be difficult for you to cast a critical eye upon it. When you hire an SEO and social media management company, the professionals will look at your page and let you know exactly what they see, from a fresh and professional perspective. This means that they may catch errors in your copy that change its meaning or let you know about content that adds no value to the site.


10. Avoid Social Media Errors


A social media management company can help you avoid social media errors that will cause you to lose followers and clients. Posting too often, not enough, or posting social media that lacks the proper links or keywords so that customers can search for you are some mistakes that these companies can help you avoid. Because of their experience, they can guide you in your social media posts or even make them for you so that you are assured of quality content with each post. Social media management and SEO companies are an asset to your business, large or small, when it comes to helping you reach out to your customers in the most effective and profitable manner.


Author Bio: Joana Hall is a full-time web content developer with over three years’ experience in writing for the Web and to date has written over 2,500 different articles over a wide range of topics, from travel to health care to women’s issues. She currently lives in New Mexico with her family and a variety of pets.