Social Media Optimization

Social media can be such a great way to attract an audience and gain traffic to your website, but without the proper optimization, you might not be seeing the full potential of your efforts. You may have success in creating your very own website but the problem is,nobody actually knows that you have one. We are going to cover some things you should make sure and do to ensure that you are getting the traffic you deserve.

Social Media Buttons

A big part of social media is allowing people to access your different profiles with ease. Most people have profiles on different social media sites, so you should always have buttons to access your profiles posted anywhere that might be relevant. Your main website, social profiles, and content should all contain buttons to all of your profiles.

When you read an article on the internet, a lot of the time you will see the Facebook like button, the twitter button, Google+ button, and many more. You will also see the “follow us on…” button which gives people the options to go to your profile and follow you. Don’t underestimate the power of these buttons because people tend to use them all of the time.

Call to Action Buttons on Profiles

Your social media profiles should always have a call to action button to encourage people to visit your actual site, follow you, or subscribe to some type of newsletter. When they see the call to action button, it gives them that little push they might need to go through with it. These buttons also give them easy access to doing what they might have intended to do anyways, increasing the user friendliness of your profile.

Each piece of content that you post might have a different goal, so you don’t need to keep the same call to action on each post. Try different ones out to see which are more effective.

SEO Content

All your content should be search engine optimized. SEO content will have the ability to rank high increasing your overall traffic on the content and also allowing you to insert links to your website or profiles, increasing the amount of potential followers or customers. The more search engine friendly your content is, the better.

Link Your Profiles Together

There are so many different social media strategies that it is hard to count them all, but one thing is for sure. You should link as many profiles as you can together. For example, if you post a particular piece of  content only on Facebook, you could insert a link for people to check out your Google+ or Twitter account. This way, you are able to merge all of your audiences together and have a much bigger all around reach. This has been being used since the dawn of popular social media sites and has worked wonders.

Google+ Authorship

Google Authorship

Having a Google+ account is almost essential nowadays because Google pays more attention to their social media profiles than others. You are able to sign up for Google Authorship, which is a program to help you gain authority with content and also prove to Google that you are the original creator. The more quality content you post, the higher your authority, which increases your rank in Google search. It is a pretty amazing social media tool that anyone can take advantage of. Google+ also lets you link your main website to the profile, so when your profile increases authority, so does your website.

Easy to Get General Info

This last tip is pretty easy to understand, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Consumers have been using business profiles to find important information they might need such as a telephone number, address, products and services, or anything else that businesses might put up on their profiles. It is important that on all of your social media profiles, you give any information that someone might want. If a potential customer goes to a business’s profile, only to find that they don’t have any contact info or are unresponsive, then that consumer will most likely just go to their competitor.

There are plenty of different ways to optimize your social media presence to gain more traffic but these tips should get you headed in the right direction.

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