Track ROI

Just having a social media campaign is not enough. You also need to analyse it as that will let you know what works and what does not for your business. There are various reasonably powerful software that will help you track. But before doing this, you need reasons to track the social media campaign.

Tracking does not mean counting the Likes and Retweets

In case of organic search rankings, there has to be social activity on your website. Behind any social media campaign, you need content that is behind it all. So you need to know the kind of content you need to have on your site that will evoke the type of response that you would want. Only then would you be able to push more of such content in order to boost your engagement with your readers.

In order to know what kind of content will strike a chord, you need to track the response to any particular post on a social media platform. There are various tools available to help you to analyse the response that you are getting for any particular social share. Then you would be able to study various click-throughs, likes, retweets, as well as shares generated by that post.

This will help you in gauging how successful you have been to provoke action amongst its readers. Once you are able to track this, you would come to know more about your audience. Now you can re-define your content strategy as well as workflow since you have a better understanding now of what exactly your audience prefers to read or even receive. You can even opt for more response-evocative material here. This will help you in getting more social interaction. This will lead to higher traffic that will eventually translate into sales.

Be clear on Demography

You need to have a clear plan before you set out tracking. This way you could become clear and specific about the channels you would like to track on. A good way here will be to put your focus only on some channels in the beginning and then build up on that gradually. This will help you to tweak the kind of content that you wish to push. So you need to choose the social media platform where your targeted audience is the most active.

There is no point in sharing your content on too many social channels as that would be a waste of money and resources. So if your business is linked to photography, then your key audience will be more active on platforms such as Flickr or Instagram as compared to Facebook. So you need to maintain an active brand portfolio there. Once you focus on social media demography, it means that you would be concentrating your efforts on those specific locations where you would be having the highest chance of leveraging your business.

But this will be possible only when you perform tracking of various social media activities on all those platforms where you are socially active. One way you can do this is when you share on all the possible social media channels. Next, you need to analyse the results. Now you can eliminate the ones which are not able to generate much response in your particular niche.

Track your social media ROI

There are various tools available to help you to track your social media efforts. This way it becomes possible for you to assess your ROI. Now it is possible to track a visitor from a social media site and figure out the actions the user has actually taken on your website. Just adding social media to your marketing campaign does not help as you also need to calculate ROI that is generated.

Once you are clear about the reasons to track the social media campaign, you would be able to find the tools to do the same. After all, any business has limited resources. Thus it makes sense to make optimal use of them in order to sustain business. Rather than wasting your time and effort in creating your presence on all the social media platforms available, it is better to have a select few that cater to your targeted audience.

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