Stay Active

Just like constant updates are vital for success when it comes to blogging the same applies to social media and that is why learning how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog is so critical.

Fortunately this is something that is a lot easier to accomplish than you think. Do not be scared by the sheer volume of content and updates required to maintain your social media channel as a top generator of both buzz and traffic to your site.

Online news alerts

Folks love interesting news alerts and they are not difficult to do on a very regular basis. There are various reliable sources of all kinds of news online and they can be exploited as one of the ways of how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog. What works best is when you subscribe to news alerts like Google news alerts where all you need to do is fill in relevant keywords and you will receive daily alerts on the topicsĀ chosenĀ that you can then use to create compelling status updates consistently which will keep on attracting friends and followers in large volumes.

Forums, other blogs and relevant message boards

Message boards and forums usually have very interesting conversations going on practically all the time. These will give you an endless stream of new ideas for your social media status updates. As will relevant blogs in your industry.
How to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog:

Content from your every day life

Never lose track of the fact that social media was always meant for socializing and staying in touch with friends and acquaintances wherever in the world they may be. It is therefore no surprise that the most popular posts are those derived from people’s every day life.

What you will need to do is develop the mindset of looking for ideas all around you and in your daily experiences. For example after seeing a movie you can quickly churn out a brief film review. Or if you are reading a book you can write a book review. Both will make for perfect posts that will always attract huge amounts of traffic.

Repost great content

What you need to do is save all the great articles that you come across ready for when you need them. When you need the article simply make a comment and then link to a more detailed version on your blog, or re-post it. Alternatively you can post it and then expand on it and you will end up with great updates on social media.

Create status updates based on old posts

Great posts from the past can also make for compelling status updates.

Do look at other posts for ideas

Other people’s posts will give you great ideas for your own status updates. Just make sure you make a note of the ideas that come to mind as you go through them. You can then look them up your notes later and easily update your status.
You can also answer some of the questions or give your views on what others are saying in the form of a fresh post.

Email interviews

You can use email interviews to collect great content which should be useful for future blog posts but meanwhile this is exactly how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog. Interview subjects are fairly easy to get on social media and you can start with your followers and friends whom you know to have expertise in certain areas of interest.

Share history tidbits of your niche

History is fascinating and a great way to understand anything more deeply. Finding historical facts linked to your niche online is very easy. Just go to the Google search engine and type in the relevant keyword phrases linked to various historical periods of interest. Choose the most interesting facts and you will have in your hands a string of great status updates that will always prove to be immensely popular.


It should now be crystal clear that there is no excuse to neglect making regular updates just because you are not generating new articles and sites on your blog site. There are numerous ideas that you can use and this is how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog.

Author Bio:

Jason Smith has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit social media channels like Facebook , Twitter.