Jay-Z & Bing Viral Marketing

Here is an amazing example of how famous rapper and entertainer Jay-Z teamed up with Bing to put together a new viral marketing campaign for Jay-Z’s recent book. Billboards where placed strategically all over the city of New York so people can read Jay-Z’s autobiography as they make their way through the city everyday. Bing then tied in all these locations turning the process into a game where web visitors could go read the individual pages along with showcasing the whole campaign. Truly a great showing of how viral marketing and a little bit of creativity can play an important role in building any brand.

Matt Cutts Optimization

Here is a great explanation of how optimization works in Google search directly from Matt Cutts, the head of spam for Google and their poster boy so to speak. Often times people seem to wonder why it is that certain pages that might look horrible out rank their website which has been highly optimized. Search engine optimization can also occur naturally in the search results which is sort of what Google intended from the beginning days of the company. Google really doesn’t care for optimization efforts because it sometimes cause pages to rank that really shouldn’t.