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It’s no more a clandestine; getting a social share to a post is becoming a lot more difficult. Whether you want to share content to a third party account or your own account, it’s a hectic process.

Simply writing an article and sharing it on several social media networks isn’t the end! But what might worry you is – how to manage and maintain the social accounts on your own? But you can take a sigh of relief, as there are a number of social media tools available that can help you get social share for your article.

Here’s a list of 5 best social media tools that you can use in order to get social share for your article:

1. Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz


Viral Content Buzz (VCB) is a completely free-to-use social media tool that lets you share your own articles only if you are sharing other users’ articles.

How It Works?

Simply put, you earn credits on the basis of sharing other people’s content, and you can spend the earned credits on your own projects. So, the more content you share, more will be the credits that you will need to spend, and by spending more credits will increase the chances of – reliable people sharing your content. This will eventually help in enhancing your visibility. VCB supports social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and just recently has started supporting Pinterest, GooglePlus and StumbleUpon as well.

2. The Hootlet



Have you heard of the Hootlet? If not then you must know that it is an add-on extension intended for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The main purpose of the Hootlet is to make it simple to share your content using HootSuite and further share out the content to several social networks. This social media tool also helps schedule your articles manually as well as automatically.

How It Works?

When you want to share some page or article that you find is worthy to share, just click on the Hootlet button (present in the form of an owl on the top of your browser on extreme right corner. After clicking on the button the Hootlet compose box will emerge that will add your content title and a shrinked URL into the share box. After that, just choose the social account that you want to share the article to, or you can simply manually schedule or utilize the AutoSchedule feature in order to automatically select the best time for sharing content.

3. SocialOomph

social oomph


SocialOomph is indeed the coolest social media tool that can be used for sharing your content. The biggest challenge that almost all the bloggers and online marketers faces is –not just limited to creating unique and engaging content, but also to get good number of social share for their content. We all know that Twitter is the best social media network – when it comes to sharing your articles with your followers; however constantly tweeting can be time consuming.  But you mustn’t worry, as SocialOmph is there to help you.

 How It Works?

Well you might have written some great articles, but it’s vital to keep promoting them to retain your target audiences’ interests. This is because there may be a lot of members associated to your account that might have missed your post or just forgotten to read them. SocialOomph helps you load your posts and tweets to a queue and set a schedule after which your posts will be displayed on your social media networks. In addition to this, it even makes your tweets to recur, and thereby saves you from the tedious task of posting your posts and tweets yourself.

4. BuzzBundle


If you want to get maximum social share for your content, it is imperative to manage reputation management activities, and this is where BuzzBundle comes to your rescue. This social media tool emphasize on social media management and reputation monitoring.

How It Works?

In order to get started with this social media tool all you’ve to do is to carry out a simple download. Initially, you can start with the free download edition available online, and if you feel the need to have a more advanced edition you can purchase one.

5. WordPress SEO Plugin

It is an excellent plugin that helps to optimize your articles for niche search engines like Google and others.

How It Works?

All you need to do is to choose some keyword(s) related to your business that you want to focus from within your articles and the WordPress SEO plugin will provide you with simple and clear guidelines so as to make you understand the suitable place in your article where you need to insert these keywords, which in turn, will help your content to rank higher in search engine page results. The higher your article will rank the more shares it will get from your fans or followers of your social account.


If you wish to get maximum social share to your articles, it is recommended that you must have a look at the aforementioned list of top 5 social media tools.

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