Nobody said that everyone has to be a social media superstar. If you are in that demographic that is still sort of scared of entering the social media space you are not alone. Social media might seem like it is moving at lightning speed but the reality is that there are lots of businesses which still haven’t come close to even exploring the waters of social media. Don’t be hard on yourself if you still haven’t made it there because there is still plenty of time to get things started. Social media is really just getting started and there is no plans of stopping any time soon which is good news for those who haven’t shown up to the party yet.

Here are some ways you can start to test the waters with your social media if you are not sure how to get started:

Just Set Up Your Profiles

Try at least setting up your social profiles. This typically does not take too long and you really can’t do any harm to your business or your brand if you just set up your profile with all your business information and just let it sit. Don’t let it sit empty for too long through because your audience or fans might think it is a direct reflection on your business.

Give Industry Related Tips

If you have a Twitter and Facebook account try just giving a few industry tips per/week just to gain some traction in your account. As long as you keep the tips smart and safe with little controversy it will allow you to at the very least start using your social profiles and possibly start some interaction.

Just Spread Others Information

Are you in a position where you are not ready to attract social media attention to yourself yet? Well post other industry articles and blogs so you solely act as the middle man passing on the message. If you want to be active but still remain in the shadows a bit this approach might work for you.

Learn what a retweet is and try using that approach just to have some social media activity under your belt.If you are looking to take a very safe and conservative approach to your social media there are plenty of ways to dip your toe in the water but you have to make the effort and time to at least get to that point because social media is happening now and it will only get busier and more complicated down the road.