Social Media is a vital component within any businesses marketing strategy. Nevertheless the majority of organizations do not utilize these platforms to their highest potential.


If your marketing strategy incorporates regular updates on social media platforms then you must understand the variations and how to approach each individually. Exploring Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + there are secrets to adapt your content to boost CTA and readership for maximum exposure of your company.


You must use each platform as an accessory of the other in an attempt to assist and boost the brand’s core messages. How is this possible with the top four social media channels?




Facebook’s monthly active users average at 1,310,000,000. This is a large audience reach to have available on one platform. If you get your marketing strategy correct for Facebook you could reach a vast majority of your target consumers. However with the average time spent on Facebook per user reaching only 18 minutes you must ensure that people want to read what you are posting and that they will know from first glance what it is in regards to.


Facebook offers the opportunity to write as much as you like, a luxury unavailable on other platforms such as Twitter. Use Facebook to give a good, yet brief, introduction to the content you would like to share. What you write should be positive and punchy but make sure you don’t give everything away. To ensure they click through to your site make them want to read more. Close with a question or incentive so that your customers engage. Add a link that has been shortened to ensure it doesn’t look like spam.


If your readers comment or reply to a post you must respond. This will prompt conversation and interaction which can only benefit your company.


A lot of corporate content is now weeded out as spam by Facebook and the growing number of competition online means it can be difficult to stand out. You must make sure your content is unique and interesting to encourage shares.




Twitter has 645,750,000 users however with 9,100 tweets every second it is again easy to find yourself lost among a vast number of tweets trying to send a message and promote their business. The limitation on twitter of 140 characters should not be seen as a negative but should boost creativity and imagination. How will you say exactly what you want to within such a significant barrier?


Humans now have an attention span of an average of 8 seconds. Taking this into account your tweet must deliver your message efficiently. To make sure that people click through to your website or article from twitter, make your tweets catchy, funny and interactive. Add facts or an image. Twitter recently updated its system to make it more visually dynamic, showing that they must also think that sharing pictures is an effective strategy.




Linkedin is a platform aimed at professionals. You LinkedIn profile should be a pedestal for your knowledge and insights. As it is professionally targeted you can go into depth, opinions and address issue when writing the content.


LinkedIn is also a very important channel in terms of lead generation, as businesses read topic related content from experts of their field. Become an expert and join a group, don’t promote your company too much on LinkedIn as a lot of them will not be accepted as positively as it would without the constant link back to your business. Give people advice and teach on the topic that you are talking about. If you give good advice you will obtain a group of loyal followers.




In terms of SEO Google+ is a marketer’s paradise. With various features including tracking tools and personalized searches to social signals the channel allows you to find exactly what topic you would like to cover and gives you the chance to comment and contribute to the conversation. To increase CTA use hashtags in your content to ensure it is categories within the correct topic segment.


With over 300 million users Google + may not have the same amount of users as the other platforms however those that do use it are much less verbose. If someone comments on your content on google+ make sure you strike up conversation and make a connection. Don’t be put off by the capricious reputation Google+ has built for itself, there is still a lot of money being invested into the platform and your company should definitely be vocal on it.


These are the basic things you should know about content writing for the most popular social media channel. Remember there are a lot more out there so depending on your target audience you must target correctly. Do your research and remember not to just post the same thing on every page, change it up and bit and let them all help each other.



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