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Video blogging or vlogging is all the rage these days; it’s catchier and more creative for most people. There really are no rules for anybody to strictly abide by in producing a video blog but there are helpful tips that people can follow to attract more audiences. Enumerated below are six highly effective tips for effective vlogging.


Use an interesting subject for your post


People want information they can actually use. This is generally the reason why the likes of Emily Eddington, Wayne Goss and Michelle Phan are so popular on YouTube; it’s because they present tips and tutorials that their followers can benefit from. In the case of Emily Eddington of the BeautyBroadcast Channel, her haul videos inform bargain hunters about which beauty products are on sale at local drugstores and then she reviews the quality of all the products in her haul. As for Wayne Goss of GossMakeUpArtist, he always comes up with amazing make-up techniques that are very easy to do.


Learn how to edit


Video marketing experts always say short and simple does the trick. Shots have to be quick and precise so the audience will not lose interest as most people’s attention spans have a limit of about ten minutes. The recommended length for a video blog is from two minutes to 12 minutes. Apart from sticking to the recommended time span, it’s also beneficial to use cool editing techniques to keep audiences entertained.


Invest in a really good camera


Nothing turns off vlog followers than poor quality images and audio especially if the vlog post is a tutorial or a DIY demo.


Express your message clearly and attractively


Create an idiot board or a spiel so you’re able to present information in a flawless manner. Also, make sure that you look completely presentable when you film and you don’t have any weird facial expressions; vlog audiences have the tendency to nitpick and the last thing you want to do is encourage them.


Interact with your viewers


YouTube and DailyMotion both have comments sections at the bottom of the videos and you can interact with your viewers by responding to their queries or saying thanks for their positive feedbacks. Now this is rather tricky as there are lots of “bashers” in both media sharing platforms – even the most-loved YouTube personalities have to deal with haters. The key is to take every criticism with a grain of salt and just strive to further improve your vlogs.


Tag and link your video to your social media accounts


This will create more exposure and have more people view your vlog posts.


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