video creation


You can hardly surf the web these days without coming across a video. Videos posted to social media sites are the most effective way to get your message to an online audience. Creating a video beats other content distribution methods since it is more interactive and educational.


For example, suppose you want your marketing material to go viral. In that case, one of the most excellent strategies is to make videos since viewers interact with them more than text or images on practically all social media sites. Also, social media videos are generally discovered casually, not by search.


Videos are abundant on most social networking platforms. However, the number of individuals watching the video essentially depends on how well it can capture and maintain viewers’ interest.


It’s normal to be confused by the various ways to create videos, particularly when deciding which is ideal for your business. This list includes the most critical videos your company can produce to improve brand recognition, generate new leads, and extend its client base:


1. Interview and Q&A Videos

When a company’s social media account consistently provides valuable information for its audience, they attract followers. One of the best ways to fulfill your audience’s need for information is to address their most immediate concerns.


Video interviews and Q&As are a terrific way to show off your knowledge and skill in your field while attracting new followers. Produce videos in which you talk to influential people in your area, your staff, or even your customers. 


It is possible to record the interview ahead of time and upload it whenever it is most convenient for business. On the other hand, if you make a short live video, you may engage directly with your viewers. The audience may submit questions in advance, and you’ll respond live.


2. Events Videos

Making videos of workplace events is a fantastic way to showcase your organization’s culture and raise awareness for your most important causes. In addition, you may record and put together recap videos to live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.


Sharing updates about your brand’s upcoming events might make people anxious that they will miss out. However, with video, you can show your audience how engaging your brand event is.


3. Tutorials / How-to-videos / Explainer Videos

Tutorials are one of the most-looked-for types of content online. The original purpose of YouTube was to host user-generated videos, but the site has now expanded to do much more.


It’s the go-to video streaming destination and doubles as a powerful search tool. It’s no secret that more and more people are turning to YouTube to learn new skills and information, whether preparing a smoothie or how to make cool YouTube intros.


The primary purpose of social media is entertainment. However, it’s also a source of information and answers. To satisfy the thirst for knowledge from their audience, marketers may employ explainer videos to provide purposeful, product-focused content. 


4. Promos and Deals Videos

Deals are always a hit! To get the attention of your social media followers, you should promote a sale or promotion using an engaging video. A video is a practical approach to step up your marketing efforts and increase interest in your event.


These videos offer a quick but thorough summary of the event you’re marketing and a Call to Action to register or save the date. Motivating viewers to act will hopefully result in new leads or increased attendance.


5. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) Videos

Most people can’t resist looking at what’s hidden from plain view. It’s a terrific method to display your company’s culture and develop trust with your audience.


You may take your viewers behind the scenes of an event you’re involved in or give them a tour of your workplace. Alternatively, you may video the production process or employees at work. It’s a great way to engage with your target market more personally and establish credibility with them.


6. Social Videos

Videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a mix of them may generate traffic to your website or develop brand recognition.


Be mindful that many viewers won’t have time to watch lengthy stuff since they’ll be swiftly swiping through on their phones. Brief and to the point sum up the social gaming vibe. These short, catchy videos often succeed as social media advertisements, too!


7. Feature / Product Videos

A firm’s social media activity affects consumers’ purchasing choices. Sharing a video on social media is a fantastic method to draw attention to a product or show off a helpful feature.


Videos like these are a great way to demonstrate a specific benefit of your product or service. In addition, they might help inform prospective clients about your business and its offerings.

8. Announcements / Reveals Videos

In today’s connected world, it’s essential to keep your target market up to date on the newest products from your company, and social media is a terrific tool for doing just that.


About one-third of all consumers now learn about new businesses and brands via social media. This is why it’s a good idea to use video to display product launches and other announcements.


9. Testimonial Videos

Even in the current digital era, one-on-one feedback is still a vital tool. In addition, using reviews and testimonials has increased confidence in a company and consumer loyalty.


Before purchasing a product, up to 93% of shoppers read product reviews. Honest reviews might persuade us to buy a product or alter our opinion of one. It’s in your best interest to share video testimonials from satisfied customers with potential customers.



Every level of your marketing funnel may benefit from videos, from drawing in new leads with attractive video advertisements to converting them into paying clients. However, to get the most out of your video marketing efforts, you must regularly test, measure, and improve your videos’ performance.


Video is a terrific way to grow your brand and engage with your audience. Creating them may also be a lot of fun, so unleash your imagination!