Visual Merchandising


Visual merchandising is a powerful tool for retail brands to use in order to create a strong and recognizable image. Some of the best-known brands, including Nike, H&M, and Target have used clever visual merchandising as a way to convey their brand identity in distinct ways. In this blog post we will explore how visual merchandising can be used by any business looking to engage with customers on an emotional level while they are in-store and ready to buy!


Increase Sales

One of the main benefits that visual merchandising can bring to a brand is a boost in sales. This occurs as a result of creating an immersive and engaging retail environment which captures the customers attention.


By using creative displays, retailers can benefit in many ways. Retailers can encourage shoppers to explore all aspects of their store and discover new products that they may not have considered. This really is a win, win situation as not only do the brands profits increase but customers also have a more enjoyable shopping experience.


Brand Trust & Recognition

Another advantage to using visual merchandising is that it can help to improve brand trust and recognition, particularly with FMCG products. When done correctly, creative displays and window dressing can create an association between the customer and the product. This increased awareness can lead to future transactions if the consumer isn’t ready to make a purchase immediately.


When visual merchandising is matched to a company’s brand strategy, that’s when the magic happens. If consumers have only experienced a brand online or through television, those experiences can be built upon with visual merchandising. The Brand is represented through visual displays in ways that can be seen, touched and felt, creating an immersive experience. As customers enter the store, they are instantly reminded of your brands message because it’s all around them. The way that visual merchandising is implemented will reinforce the brand message.


Create a Theme

A powerful way to engage your target market through visual merchandising is to create a theme. If there is a seasonal theme or a relevant event taking place, you can use this as an opportunity to connect with potential customers.


With the global pandemic impacting many retail businesses over the last couple of years, smart businesses have found ways to position their brands to make the most of new opportunities. In areas of Australia, where lockdowns were extreme, backyard camping grew in popularity so a local brand Diamantina came up with a clever theme to make the most of this opportunity.


When creating a theme, be sure that all elements of the display support it. This includes the props and brand colors. If everything is cohesive then customers will get a stronger visual message about your brand.


It’s Business and its Personal

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for many brands around the globe. It’s where you use social media influencers to promote your brand. It’s powerful if you can utilize a celebrities’ personal brand in visual merchandising.


When it’s done in a way that is authentic to the celebrity and their personal brand, the visual merchandising is most effective. As an example, cosmetics company MAC has collaborated with many celebrities over the years for both their advertising campaigns and also in-store visuals.



Visual merchandising is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to achieve so many different goals, sales, brand awareness and customer satisfaction are just some of the benefits. Visual merchandising is one of the most powerful tools that brands have at their disposal. If you are looking to sell your brand, then you need to be using visual merchandising tactics in order to create a positive impression on consumers.