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In today’s world of fast pace connectivity, a reliable online presence is a must for any business. Luckily, establishing an effective online presence is much easier than before. A reliable website gives an edge for your business to grow globally. Therefore, we see tons of websites upgrading their users’ experience or setting up new websites online constantly. Here are some pointers for establishing a website.


How to Build a Website?

The first important step is that you have a vision of what you want your website to be. Once that is clear, the next steps involve:


  •   Choose the right web host provider.
  •   Sign up and choose a plan.
  •   Choose a domain name.
  •   Customize your website settings.
  •   Upload and content management.
  •   Preview and test your website.


How to Find an Effective Web Host Provider?

Before you dive in, make sure to think about the kind of service/ features you will need from your HOST (web hosting provider). Do you have a particular HOST in mind? What are the must-have features? Do you require a customized theme or a variety of templates? What features you don’t need? Depending upon such results you can narrow down your initials requirements. If you are based in the UK, in your search for a good web hosting provider, choose from the best at Hosting Foundry UK.


A good HOST will assist you with the whole process of establishing and running your website smoothly without hiccups or maintenance issues.


Here are some of the qualities of a good hosting provider:


  1.     Excellent Uptime Ratings


Once your website goes live, it must keep on running for potential customers to visit your website anytime. The time it is live is known as the uptime and vice versa is known as downtime. A good HOST will ensure that your website has an optimum uptime of at least 99.9%. Now there is a relation between the downtime and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If in case your website has high downtime and low uptime, the search algorithms (like Google) demote your website further below in search result. 


  1.     Enhanced Security


One of the most important tools/assistance a good HOST provides is security. A good HOST will provide levels of security when it comes to hosting your data; it includes customer data and your business data protection, payment information encryption with security features like up-to-date SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a Secure File Transfer Protocol like FTPS/SFTP among other things. Now, the security features provided are generally common among most HOST. It is the efficient response time and 24×7 helpline assistance that sets apart a GOOD host.


  1.     Speed, Space and Support:


Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a website to reach 100% to open. The three ‘S’ substantiates the users’ experience to avoid such waiting. A good host will optimize your website load time by managing your space and contents. Also as your website grows you will need more space to store your data and a good HOST will take care of it. Lastly apart from 24 hours of customer support, as you embark on your journey of the website you will need tools accordingly. Make sure you have all the options you need. Look into their control panel, the number of allowed sub-domains, scripting language support, databases, and whether it is hosted on a Windows or Unix platform.


Tie-Breaker: Expert SEO

One of the features you will definitely need for your website is SEO assistance. Nowadays, some HOST provides additional SEO expert assistance. Now with all the effort put into setting a website, it all comes to nothing if you have no visitors. There are about 1.5 billion websites online. So how do you narrow down and upgrade your website at the top of the search engine? The solution can be found with SEO. While it is true that the above mentioned features like optimum uptime, enhance security features, and speed, improve your search rating. These are very general and adopted by many.


An SEO expert further enhances your chance in a search engine by carefully setting your domain name/website presentation and contents to attract more traffic. An SEO expert’s task is all about improving a site’s rankings by using algorithms, key search words, filtering out traffics, scanning search trends, etc.


Improving your website performance and ranking requires technical network system knowledge and constant monitoring which takes time to oversee. Trained SEO agents are equipped with tested campaigns and algorithms designed specifically for search optimization. Not only that but a trained SEO agent will monitor and manage your contents leaving you more time to focus on new ideas.


The world of internet marketing is ever-changing. You need to be always prepared to take the extra step. A good web hosting service with a trained SEO expert is one for you right now.