Google Search - 2014


2014 had many awesome changes, advancements and milestones in regards to Google Search. Check out this great video from Google recapping some of the greatest moments in search for 2014.


2014 Year in Search Infographic


Here is a great infographic by KOL Limited.



Digital Marketing 2014


2014 will be the most interesting year of digital marketing. New media platforms must change from their regular experimentation into advanced and effective digital communication, businesses will definitely show their mature Digi min sets which can drive their organization towards innovation. The following seven digital marketing trends that has been evident in the coming year.


1. The hike of short video


Many people waste their time watching long videos and other decides once before watching it. There are a few who usually not interested in anything more than three minutes.

Like Vine building around the concept, short videos are becoming the raves of the marketing world. This trend has become more popular from Instagram’s video upload and brands are experimenting to share their experiences with video. Check any chefs Instagram profile to find out they inject their business to customers using video.

Consider Minute physics, it’s an education channel on YouTube, shares physics lessons in less than a minute and it’s proving that they are the most successful education channel with over 2 million views.


2. Rather than conversing B2B will get more success through education


In the past Business to consumer (B2C) organizations proved themselves in social media channels by inviting customers and creating conversation to join them. This strategy was looked up by Business to business (B2B) and organizations started to adopt it.

Over past few years business 2 business companies are growing up in their social analytics understanding and realizes that conversation needs in their industries and but considered as the most important marketing component.

Instead of conversation strategies, people will see more business 2 business organizations in 2014 towards education strategies. Educate the customers on the potential and value of their services.


3. Content marketing will be more focused


According to Ryan Skinner, a Forrester analyst says a core component of successful content marketing depends on how it distributes and on how it earns media.

Marketers are asking the inappropriate question this is the basic truth. If people are really interested in how to create a better content, then their question must mean “How to convey the content to the right people?”

Skinner says that to increase brand content distribution, organizations are focusing on owned, paid and earned media, they can also use social media to enhance their distribution to the right audiences. This acts as a support mechanism. Brands can develop make an edge in their respective industries by enhancing paid and earned media’s by making the content reachable to the right customer on social networks.


4. Digital agencies must use innovative techniques more


In order to compete with the digital world, businesses had begun to build their own digital business resources and this has become the most important factor for all businesses today. Many clients who provide digital agencies decide to move in – house and leaves it in a state of innovation and necessary reconstruction.

The digital agencies’ role will change from offering an operational service to strategy providing, creative skills innovation to the industry in the marketing world. This makes the digital agency world look brighter and mature and guides their clients in constructing their digital competency.


5. Critical observation is needed for social media data collection


The main aim of social media campaigns is to collect and use the personal data. In 2014, protection of the personal information act (POPI) will come into play in South Africa. This will change the way how data can reuse and used. In the same light business in developing economies, developed economies that access personal information will be scrutinized and highlighted.


6. Social marketing will combine both online and real world


The key element of personalization, community and consumer voice is designing a social campaign. Marketers have to focus on digital experiences combining physical designing in order to make chances for consumers and clients. This will act as a key success for many marketers. Consider, Coco Cola share a Coke meet up.


7. Smartphone apps will grow up


For many businesses Smartphone apps have worked as digital replications in the past few years. People may see a move in their businesses with mobile platforms to offer new services to the market in 2014. A new app called HealthID will be launched in South Africa which combines mobile delivery and big data.


Author bio

Swetha sithick is the web developer and content writer of iCloud Consultancy; writes about Cloud computing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and Business Process outsourcing.