Most people don’t realize that Google didn’t make 1 red cent in profit for the first ten years of their existence. Now they are one of the most innovative and profitable companies on the planet.


Just check out their journey below. The folks at Full E Stop put together this great infographic piece showing how far they have come.


Google Infographic

Google+ Action

Google+ is good for business if you really work your profile and engage your audience. Just building a profile out is better than nothing but you have to use it if you want it to help grow your business. Let’s not forget that your profile will rank fairly high for your company branded search queries assuming your company name is somewhat unique. This is a great infographic from the folks at BlueGlass and Chris Brogan.

Let’s break down some of the juicy numbers from this data to get you salivating a bit:

  • 90 million users on Google+ currently
  • 80% of users engage on a weekly basis
  • 60% of users log in every single day

Google Plus Infographic