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Over the last couple of years, local SEO has truly risen to become a marketing force to be reckoned with. For example, if we take a look at recent surveys, we will see that 43% of all Google searches include some nearby location. Furthermore, as many as 97% of consumers at some point look for local businesses on the internet.


These numbers can make or break the future of some companies.


That being said, though, the ways the users will come to interact with your brand upon performing an online search don’t always need to go through traditional local SEO channels. As a matter of fact, Google Business Profile is quickly growing in prominence as one of the most important local SEO entry points.


Let us take a look then at a couple of ways you can tweak your Google Business Profile page to get even stronger local SEO results.


What exactly is Google My Business?

But, before we proceed to the following discussion, let us quickly break down what exactly Google Business Profile stands for in 2023, and what marketing options it puts on the table.


Google Business Profile


So, in the simplest of terms, Google Business Profile is an online listing service that presents basic info about some business or its services when consumers search for that business or adequate keywords on Google Search or Google Maps. This online listing usually includes some level of visual material as well as simple contact options.


It is important to note, however, that in recent years, these solid foundations were expanded with the options to post questions and get answers, leverage FAQ sections, post reviews, and rate services, which makes it a very versatile and interactive marketing tool that in itself generates a lot of traffic and boosts your online presence.


Use images in a creative and productive manner

Effective Google Business Profile listings should, of course, feature rich visual imagery. That is why you should go beyond the regular call of duty (images of your brand, staff, and premises) and do your best to make the images you are going to use engaging, informative, and worthwhile.


So, feel free to use infographics, creative marketing messages, visual storytelling, and all other resources that will keep people coming back for more. Also, recent surveys indicate that more images usually directly relate to stronger search performance – businesses with more than 100 images tend to get 520% more calls than their peers.


Leverage all the available options and settings

All the things we have covered above are very important because one of the main reasons why most business owners fail to make local SEO traffic off Google Business Profile is that they don’t realize just how powerful this platform can be. Therefore, if you want to use this resource to its fullest extent be sure to use all the options. tweaks and settings you have at your disposal.


This can be a daunting task because GMB is growing to be a very robust tool, but any sort of GMB audit service should put you on the right track and easily uncover the weak points of your listing. The more of these issues you get off the table the stronger the results will be.


Use relevant keywords in your descriptions

Even though it spreads its resources across various different channels, Google uses the same tools and resources across all these outlets. This means that all the effective SEO practices that put your brand on top of the SERP can also be used to give your Google Business Profile listing more prominence and, as a result, generate more traffic.


One of the most important tasks you will need to tackle in this regard will be performing thorough keyword research and using the subsequent insights in your listing descriptions. Making your location littered throughout these descriptions can only make the results even stronger.


Post frequent and time-limited updates and promotions

Keeping your Google Business Profile listing info consistent and up to date is an absolute must. But, don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with these barebones requirements. Posting regular updates, giving your users limited one-time promotions, providing exclusive content on this channel, and leveraging FOMO can dramatically overhaul the performance of your Google Business Profile presentation and improve its SERP ranking.


In ideal circumstances, consumers should be inclined to share this content and encourage other users to see what’s going on. Treat this channel as a social media platform and you will get similar results.


Encourage clients to post positive reviews

People have always put very high trust in some sort of social proof when coming to their purchase decisions. Out of all these deciding factors, online reviews always stood as some of the most relevant with 95% of consumers checking this resource before buying some product.


Since Google Business Profile has a very robust review and scoring functionality, you should encourage your consumers to use it to the fullest extent with various incentives and loyalty programs. As for the negative reviews (and you will get negative reviews), your goal should be to handle such issues in a fast, transparent, and responsible manner.


Wrapping up

We hope these couple of suggestions give you a better idea about how you can turn your Google Maps listing from a simple entry on someone’s Google Maps into a very powerful and versatile online resource that can drastically boost your online presence and improve your SERP ranking. In this day and age, SEO has become a very complex industry that no longer focuses strictly on keywords and page optimization.


With the list of factors affecting SEO rankings expanding with each passing day, our efforts need to be spread more evenly. Overhauling your Google Business Profile listing does seem like a good place to start.



Whether you’re running a small business or a nonprofit organization, location plays a primary role. Even though these days, a lot of people are shifting towards the more virtual world nothing can replace the level of trust a physical location can provide.


When we want to look into a company or a business, the first thing we do is Google it. There are several ways you can make your business discoverable online, but one easy and effective way is joining Google My Business.


Through Google My Business you can make sure you can be found on Google Maps and Google Earth. 


This is one of the first steps in becoming discoverable online.


If you haven’t already, you can get started with Google Maps with the following steps:


Step 1: Make a Google My Business account and disclose your business address.

Step 2: Specify the business or services you offer.

Step 3: Get your business location verified by Google.

Step 4: Specify all the relevant secondary business categories.

Step 5: Add an introduction and images. 

Step 6: Include social media channels and any other relevant links.   


The Value Provided by Google Earth and Google Maps

The value provided by Google location services like Google Earth and Google Maps tends to be the gift that keeps on giving. First and foremost, it helps people find you. But also, it leads people to your website, builds credibility, and can help you enhance your brand image across multiple platforms.


These features are not limited to just businesses, it can also help bring awareness to community locations, nonprofit organizations, and even events.


How Can Nonprofit Businesses Use Google Earth and Maps in Their Favour?


If you’re a nonprofit business, something interesting you should look into is how to use Google for Nonprofits. Google has several unique services nonprofit organizations can take advantage of.


The best part about all of this is that it’s free! You can also get additional free credits from Google if you register for a Google Non-Profit Business Account. 


With regards to this type of account, to reap the advanced benefits of Google Maps there are eligibility criteria that you need to pass.


However, once you get this, you and your organization supporters can use advanced features which you would normally have to pay for. This works by Google providing you free credits that you can use as your business deems fit.


Here are Some of the Benefits Google Earth and Google Maps Can Offer:

1. Become Discoverable


Even though this is pretty much a self-explainer, there are so many ways where you can make your business discoverable. One of the biggest benefits of Google Maps will lead to a lot more foot traffic or prospects.


However, having your location online can help customers tag your business in social media posts. Customers can even help set meetings through platforms like Facebook, or through the Google Events Calendar.


Google Maps along with the use of geotagging and the Google My Business Platform, helps bring awareness to your business. With the help of geotagging, marketers can use location-based SEO and SEM strategies to rank locally. 


Now people in close vicinity or those who are interested can find your business a lot quicker and easier. 


2. Customized Maps


Customized Maps is yet another lesser-known service offered by Google Earth.

With Customized Maps, you can walk people through your brand story. You can present your motivations, business locations, and general day-to-day business – which is a great way to promote yourself to people. 


These people can be potential business partners, clients, and even future employees.   


In the case of nonprofits, you can show donors the factors and areas in which your work is effective through a presentation.


You can even touch on the various reasons your business does what it does, with the use of images and insightful text. The images and text are accompanied by map locations, or even 3D views of the location – to help paint a clearer picture.


 If you want to look more into it, Google does a great job of explaining this in-depth.

3. Virtual Tours


When making pitches to clients, or closing deals, from the client’s standpoint, they must know who they’re in business with. When dealing with clients overseas or also while in a tough spot due to a global pandemic, virtual tours can come through.


It would be a smart move to indulge your prospects with an immersive virtual tour experience. With Google Maps, you can create virtual tours that can highlight the different parts of your business. You can also give them a look-in in the day-to-day activities.


With little spending, you can utilize high-definition 360° images to give them a unique experience from anywhere in the world


4. Building Credibility Through Reviews


This is possibly the most underrated provision provided by Google Maps and the most overlooked one from a digital marketing standpoint. However, there is undeniable value in reviews on Google Maps.


Search Engine Ranking is something that’s at the center of any digital marketing campaign. When dealing with businesses, taking advantage of local SEO techniques is key.

However, when dealing with conversion, what it comes down to is customer experience.


An infographic conducted recently by Invesp concluded that 90% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing. It also mentioned that 72% said that good online reviews made them trust a business more.


Allowing for customers to rate your business, leave reviews and also add pictures on Google Maps is an aspect that often goes overlooked.


Another element worth mentioning is tagging the business’s location on social media. This is a good form of word-of-mouth marketing and is also really good for local SEO.


Generally, people love to know what is trending. Positive reviews on social media that geotag your business location is a great way to keep getting new customers.


However, one should keep in mind that they should go out of their way to provide their clients with positive experiences. 


As reviews can be just as harmful, businesses should keep in mind customer satisfaction and delivery of quality services.


5. Accessibility to Multiple Platforms


With Google Maps, people interested in your business can find it easily. But more importantly, they can lead to the different platforms on which your business markets itself.


With Google My Business, your clients can access contact information such as your telephone number, email address, and website. This helps with local SEO based on the nature of the service you offer. 


They also can help people engage with people on several other platforms that can be accessed all at one point.


These days, most business details can be found when looking for the business on Google Maps. The predominant reason that people like Google mapping services so much is because it provides a legitimate and trustworthy access point.


It can be accessed on different types of devices and overall has a user-friendly interface.



From everything we’ve just covered, the benefits that Google Maps and Earth offer clients are quite clear. The only thing people need to keep in mind is how to utilize it to best suit their needs and functions.


Regardless of whether your business provides food, products, or services, there is an undeniable need to acknowledge the impact location plays. 


Whether it’s leading to potential prospects, potential employees, or even just awareness, map location and accessibility play a vital role.


In the case of Google for Nonprofits, there are several ways in which you can offer your potential donors enticing, location-centered content.


But your general takeaway from this article should be to take advantage of numerous opportunities these location services provide. Google Maps and Google Earth can provide your business with several perks if you know where to look.