Spotify Discussion


It shouldn’t come as a shock that eCommerce is growing — fast. More and more shoppers each year turn towards their computers and portable devices to conduct all their shopping needs. This is a trend that is not likely to change. It doesn’t matter if you are a local business or an international retailer, it’s happening.


In this video Google and Spotify discuss getting started with eCommerce and some great important tips that could help you be successful online. Check it out and enjoy!


Google Search - 2014


2014 had many awesome changes, advancements and milestones in regards to Google Search. Check out this great video from Google recapping some of the greatest moments in search for 2014.


2014 Year in Search Infographic


Here is a great infographic by KOL Limited.




Duplicate content is one thing you don’t want to mess with. It is something that Google has been fighting for many years and with recent algorithm updates it has become more of a sensitive point.

In this video Matt Cutts discusses a variety of topics surrounding this issue.


Google is a reader, period. They are getting better at indexing images but without content your site will not rank well. There needs to be a healthy mix of images and content throughout a site in order to satisfy Google and also your audience. What those ratios of text to keywords are is anyone’s guess. Google doesn’t give out that type of information. However, your content should flow naturally and never look forced to appeal to search engines.

In this webmaster video Google discusses the importance of content on a site.

Does Google still need text to understand my site?

Google Search Meeting

What does a Google search meeting look like? Well watch the video below and you will see firsthand. This video is not to express the algorithm changes that occurring in this video but more so how the Google team goes about making changes to the search engine. How they interact and discuss the changes that effect marketers all over the globe.

“The footage was captured on December 1, 2011 at our weekly “Quality Launch Review” meeting. We hold the meeting on Thursdays to discuss possible algorithmic improvements and make decisions about what to launch. As usual, meeting participants gathered in Mountain View and joined on video conference from remote offices around the globe, including our offices in Moscow, New York, Zurich, Seoul, Haifa and Tokyo. Check out the video for a flavor of the kinds of topics and data the team discusses before making many of the important changes to our system.”