Mobile Marketing Reporting


The use of smartphones has evolved dramatically over recent years. From a useful accessory to an essential business tool, we have become increasingly dependant on mobile technology to communicate all kinds of information. Collecting data with mobile-friendly tools is nothing new, but Marketers are beginning to expect more concise, insightful reporting formats that can be easily accessed via mobile.


Market Research analysts used to work with clients to choose between web and mobile surveys depending on the nature of the brand and its audience. However, technological improvements in mobile browsing have resulted in a huge increase in the number of people who use mobiles as opposed to desktop web browsers. And this rise is set to continue as online retailers and service providers continually develop new ways to improve online mobile experiences.


Online Surveys


Online surveys are designed to reflect the way in which people interact on the Internet. It’s important to consider that approximately 66% of emails are first opened on a mobile device. Whilst many people still wait until they are at a computer before they respond, it’s important in the case of research mailshots that if at that moment the respondent decides to complete a survey, then they should be able to do so quickly and efficiently from their smartphone.


This simplicity and insight is increasingly in demand on both sides of the MR field. Respondents demand a simple, intuitive platform and clients who spend their days doing business on smartphones are looking for MR agencies that are able to adopt new mobile-friendly reporting strategies – live dashboards are becoming increasingly popular. Producing detailed analytical reports weeks after a big event is no longer sufficient, clients want accessible and insightful results immediately. Live dashboards present an exciting opportunity to communicate complex data in a mobile-friendly snackable format that can be easily interpreted.


Who’s Leading?


Asia is leading the way with mobile reporting with big agencies reportedly using mobile dashboard reporting platforms for 80-90% of projects. The UK and Europe are yet to realize what could become an untapped source of revenue. Introducing mobile-friendly strategies for delivering results can help clients to focus on tactical strategies as opposed to trying to decipher qualitative results. This can also facilitate closer agency-client relationships as the more open, interactive style of reporting lets the client engage and manipulate results as they happen.


The next generation of marketers and retailers will expect increasingly fast, mobile-friendly ways to consume information. Taking steps now to keep up to speed with developments should help to ensure that the Market Research industry evolves to become an integral part of the future of marketing strategies.


About Author:

Morten Strand is the chief executive of Cint, a global marketplace platform provider. With a global reach of more than 10 million people in 57 countries, Cint’s exchange platform OpinionHUB is a fully transparent insights marketplace.