Pinterest for Lawyers

Every time a social networking medium grows to be popular, many will talk about how it can be used by the many businesses for marketing. Pinterest, which is a pinboard-styled photo sharing social network, isn’t different. The interests of a Pinterest user are now accessible to the planet in a visually lovely format. Users can collect photos that link to products and services that they like, creating their own visual boards or pinboards. In addition, they follow pinboards of those they find interesting. But how can a lawyer use Pinterest effectively?

Pinterest has been among the fastest-growing social networks ever to hit the web and it’s among the top 3 most popular social networks in some countries such as the U.S. It comes up after Twitter and Facebook, both of which are well known worldwide and have countless users. LinkedIn comes up fourth. More than 80% of the ‘pins’ on Pinterest are repins which shows how viral content on this Pinterest can be. So, how can attorneys benefit from Pinterest? This does not have to be on your radar and what you need to be thinking about if you decide to use it is how you can make the most out of this very comprehensible platform to boost your ongoing internet marketing efforts. However, it is certainly recommended that you create an own account with your name as you should on every site of this nature.

Here are 6 reasons why every lawyer should opt for Pinterest

1. Share Profession-related Content

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, share others content since, as you already understand, to be perceived as a professional you should show that you have the pulse on what’s happening on earth, not just your own world, and share this with Pinterest followers. You can have limitless boards, which allows you to be very focused within every board. This needs you to truly stay compartmentalized, organized, and share.

2. Interact With Your Colleagues

It is visual Twitter. Similar rules apply. Pinterest has actually two critical aspects to it: social networking and visual bookmarking. While you’re busy pinning your favorite, do not forget how vital it is to engage other lawyers as well. One way, and that will take a while, is to locate others pins you like and showcase them on your website in a devoted board, which is similar to re-tweeting someone’s great tweet, or perhaps adding them to a certain ‘list’ you have created on Twitter of those you follow such as ‘tech lawyers’, ‘solo lawyer gurus’, ’employment lawyers’, etc.

3. Repurpose Your Best Internet Content

The time-conscious intelligent lawyer will realize there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just repurpose your greatest online content and then pin it on Pinterest. Take advantage of the Google analytics or, if you are a blogger, find posts that have produced most retweets or comments on Twitter or that have been shared on various other sites, and pin it. You have now repurposed the content and just presented it to a new world of prospective customers or referrers of customers. If you’ve to take some moment to add the correct image to a blog post, simply do so.

4. Be Laser-targeted

When you make and name boards ensure you use profession keywords. Once you start pinning right content to every board you can as well write a short description of what you’re posting to emphasize on the content. The description ought to contain the relevant keywords as well. The more you’re laser-targeted the simpler it will be for the audience to find and share the information.

5. Develop Your Own Style

There is totally no damage in creating a board that’s dedicated to a hobby or an interest, too. If you love movies or are a runner you have to share this. The rules of Pinterest are actually no different than the other platforms. If you love to tweet on various topics relating to economics, entrepreneurship, health, and demographics you can do so on Pinterest, as well, and will most likely add more boards as you get the hang of it.

6. Know why you’re Creating Space on Pinterest

Get to know why you’re spending your time to create space on Pinterest just like you do with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are various ways Pinterest can promote a business. You only have to figure out when and if you will spend your time here.

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