Facebook Search Engine


There sure are many interesting changes occurring right now in the social space that are probably getting lots  of people really excited. First we have Facebook going public which is most likely going to bring an interesting slew of features to Facebook (some good, some bad) in order to keep up with investor demands. Also, a new Bing just launched and it has a lot of really great new search features that are sure to get Google thinking and scratching their heads. Google+ really has a rival on their hands now.


Facebook Going Public


With so many interesting developments on the horizon an interesting idea came about on the pages of Search Engine Watch, what if Facebook created a search engine? In my opinion they certainly can even if it was just for their own users content. With so many active users posting content, photos, videos and everything in between it sort of make sense doesn’t it?

Danny Goodwin, a writer for Search Engine Watch had this to say:

“A new survey finds 48 percent of respondents dislike the idea of Facebook launching its own search engine to directly compete with Google and Bing. The same survey also found Facebook could potentially capture 22 percent of the global search market.”

I agree, I don’t think they need to recreate the wheel and compete directly with Google & Bing but Facebook does have its own share of content that can easily be dumped into its own search tool, a better search tool than they already have. I don’t think anyone will need to search on Facebook to find a local electrician but when it comes down to searching for anything of entertainment value a Facebook branded search tool could put a dent into Google & Facebook market share, a potential 20% or more type of dent which i’m sure would make beads of sweat form on the foreheads of Google executives.


Video Transcript


Facebook going public, where are investors going now for the next new thing. julia boorstin with where t money wigoing next. sue, facebook put second market on the map. now the platform for trading private company shares is looking at life after facebook. with so many social media companies already public, mpanies like zynga, for the first time software company shares were the majority of second markets transactions. drop box and box.net. so last quarter software surpassed the category that facebook is part of, consumer web and social media which comprised 44% of trades.