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We all know about the rising importance of digital marketing in today’s world. It has changed the way of marketing, allowing businesses to grow their visibility and get more traffic from the internet. That is the main reason why every brand is focusing precisely on digital marketing. They know that this marketing channel can help them to get customers and business edge in the world. 


But, to make digital marketing successful, it is quite crucial to know about its pillars. It is important to understand the roots of digital marketing and how they work to give any brand a significant presence on the web. That is where you need to know about SEO and social media marketing as they are called the major pillars of digital marketing. 


Nowadays, every company that is doing business on the web is focusing on both of these channels. They offer countless benefits in terms of increasing brand awareness and visibility, that too by using minimum resources. 


In this article, we will discuss how social media and SEO is becoming a need of the hour for online businesses. We will define how it can take your brand forward, precisely in terms of optimizing traffic and conversions. Let’s first understand the basics of SEO and social media marketing below.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing has taken a huge boost in the last few years. There are many reasons behind it, but the most obvious one is the ease of targeting users. It has given an opportunity to the businesses to market their products and attract customers efficiently.


Today, social media logos have become a common source to attract people. For instance, discord logo is highly popular among the people, as it represents a platform that allows them to engage regularly. Hence, it provides a good opportunity to the marketers to use them in their social media marketing campaigns.


Some of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are rated as the best platforms to launch your social media campaigns. The only thing you need to learn is the art of targeting the right audience. This will allow you to extend the brand reach and get customers from your desired sections.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the rise of SEO, every online business is looking to extract leads from search engines. They know that organic leads can be derived easily from Google, that too without spending any hefty budget. But to do so, they need to solidify their SEO practices as per the latest recommendations. This requires dedicated hard work on quality content, backlinks, site authority, and more others. 


By having the best SEO professionals at work, these businesses can enjoy streamlined traffic coming straight from search engines. All they need to do is to work on particular SEO keywords that are relevant to their brands and are most searched on Google. It will help them to get ranked on search engines and direct potential customers towards their website. 


5 Reasons Why SEO and Social Media Helps to Drive Brand Success

It is important to understand how social media and SEO can optimize your digital marketing results. Both of these techniques are very beneficial in extracting quality traffic from the internet. Let’s take a look at some core reasons below. 


Improves Online Presence


With the help of SEO and social media marketing, you can effectively increase your online presence. This is the most important thing because it allows your brand to get recognition in the online space. It is quite an obvious fact that users will only purchase your products/services once it gets visible on the digital channels. Without having any presence, you cannot expect any conversions and traffic from the internet. 


The wide spectrum of social media allows you to market products and get leads effortlessly. It not only builds your presence, but also allows you to optimize your branding. That is why it is especially recommended to pay attention to social media and derive quality traffic that can generate revenue for the business. 


Understanding the Voice of Consumer


By utilizing analytics of SEO and social media, you can understand the voice of the consumer. It lets you know the requirements of users and what they are searching for on the web. This precisely helps in building your brand strategy and market products according to that.


The purpose of SEO is to specifically understand the current requirements of customers. This can be perfectly analyzed by looking at the search queries. It defines all the latest searches that relate to your brand, allowing you to plan the SEO strategy better. 


Similarly, social media also simplifies the analysis of the market. It defines the trends and how to use them appropriately in your campaigns.  


Get Users Feedback


Another important thing that makes social media marketing necessary is the analysis of feedback. Every business knows about the importance of customer relations, especially when the competition is tough. They know how to maintain it to convert the leads into permanent customers. 


Using social media, they can get effective feedback from their customers. It is a channel that allows you to stay connected with your audience continuously. Nowadays, many online brands have set up their specific CSR department on social media. They know that these sites will provide them with continuous interaction with the customers. 


This will let them know about the quality of their products and how well they are performing as compared to others in the market. It is indeed very crucial information that helps them to get motivated and move towards better standards regularly. 


Increased Conversions with Local SEO


Using targeted search and SEO practices, businesses are now finding it easy to attract and convert local customers. This is the basic advantage of SEO that it allows you to build engagement with people quickly. It simplifies the buildup of organic traffic that provides opportunities for conversions effectively.   


It is therefore advised to take services from a professional SEO manager who can rank and maintain your websites on search engines. This will allow you to get organic traffic and increase the visibility of the business on top-ranked pages. 


Brand Reputation


Nowadays, people are attracted to social media more than ever. From adults to youngsters, everyone wants to look up to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms every day to find out the latest news, products, etc. It is a platform that helps them to know about different companies and what they are offering in the market. 


Considering this, it is advised to build a professional presence on social media sites to attract your targeted audience. It will alternatively allow you to build a strong brand reputation and increase traffic through it. Many online stores and ecommerce giants have taken the leverage of social media to optimize their brand presence. It has helped them to gain a professional reputation, as well as strong leads from the web. 


Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have described how SEO and social media can help you to drive brand success. Both of these channels have shown a true potential to engage and attract traffic to your website. It is up to you to choose the right practices that fit best according to your business goals. You can also take help from the web and professional experts to solidify these techniques, as per your branding objectives.


Using the right channels and practices, your brand can take a strong edge in the online world. It will help you to get constant traffic and increase conversions regularly.

Social Media Branding


The explosion of social media’s involvement in culture has now made it an aspect of commerce no business can afford to ignore. With over billions of users on various social media platforms spending more time on it than anything else on the internet, it should be treated as a landscape of potential resources to explore and mine. This is especially true during the pandemic, as many businesses are forced to shift many of their operations online.


The relationship between social media and branding

One of the most important effects that social media has had, especially on commerce, is how it has affected the concept of branding. Now more than ever, consumers are closer to the businesses whose products and services they enjoy. Not only that, but it now matters to the average customer what values have gone into the creation of the things they need and want, in addition to the inherent value of the products and services themselves.


In short, they put deeper thought into considering who takes their money and what they’re buying.


This is why digital marketing companies say that social media must become a part of your branding. How you interact with customers (non-interaction is also a form of interaction) on various platforms is representative of your branding. If you remain unconvinced, here are a few good reasons you should be thinking about social media:


1. It offers your target market a closer look at your brand identity


Social media platforms give you the opportunity to interact with your customers on a closer level. It also gives you the chance to widen your reach, giving more people access to your story and messaging. The personal nature of social media can also bring out the various personalities and values that went into the creation of your business.


Social media is more than just an announcement board to post all your latest details. It is a two-way street where users are hoping to get closer to the brands they are interested in and can benefit from. If you execute your social media campaigns just right, you could create a meaningful relationship with your target audience. To ensure success in these efforts, partnering with a social media agency can be a game-changer. The experienced agency brings expertise in crafting strategies that resonate with your audience, ensuring that your social media presence isn’t just seen but felt, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and your customers.


2. It allows you to focus your campaign more easily


One of the most important concepts in marketing is the idea of the target market. It is the market that stands to interact the most with a brand based on its offerings. In any social media campaign, it is the most relevant demographic to consider since it maximizes the returns you get on your marketing budget.


With social media, you are more likely to be available to your target market. When you build up a following, your users themselves will market your product for free—right to their peers from whom you are most likely to benefit.


3. It has measurable metrics of success


One of the most important benefits of social media is the data that can be gathered from it. With the right knowledge and savvy about how to use this data, you can adjust your social media campaign on the fly by identifying opportunities and shortcomings in how your customers and followers interact with your brand. All this information can allow you to tweak your strategy while you’re executing it, ensuring you make the most out of your marketing budget.


In conclusion

Nearly every aspect of the human experience has been affected by the introduction of social media. It has redefined the way branding is handled, especially since it has allowed consumers to have a closer look and relationship with the brands and enterprises they interact with. These are just some reasons social media is important for any brand, but there are plenty more if you just take the time and effort to invest in it.


If you’re looking for a digital marketing company to help with your branding, send us a message at Brandignity. We have the digital marketing solutions needed to help take your business and its branding to greater heights.

Social Media Branding


Social media is essential for growing brand awareness, but it can also be used to improve brand image. Social media interaction and reputation management are just as important as traditional marketing methods in today’s world of online business. Here’s what you can do to ensure your company looks great both on- and off-line.


Build your engagement.


The ultimate goal of business on social media is to engage potential customers and get them interested. By focusing on building your engagement, you can influence more people and change the way people view your company. However, you must take care that you improve it rather than hurt your image. Rather than just sharing information that glorifies your business, share pictures, video, and other elements about things relevant in your industry. If you engage viewers with content that interests them, they’ll take more interest in your company.


On the other hand, you should never use a trending topic unless you’re absolutely clear on what it is. Too many companies have made the mistake of jumping on top of a trend without fully understanding it or its origins, only to be made to look foolish on social media.


The reason why images are the best option for building engagement is their share ratio. Unlike text, images receive as many as 35% more retweets. On Facebook, images have an 87% interaction rate. That’s the kind of engagement you want to go for.


Use language that fits your brand.


Your brand should be backed by a set of values that governs the company. As a result of this, you shouldn’t use language that doesn’t fit in with that set of values. Is your company governed by a group of absolute professionals? In that case, casual language isn’t appropriate. For example, if you’re a company of Spanish professionals then you aren’t going to use Spanish slang in your messages in an attempt to get the attention of teenagers; they aren’t your target demographic.


By maintaining a steady voice on social media, you show what kind of company you have and what the company’s values are. Viewers will appreciate this.


Let others do the talking for you.


Too many companies try to praise themselves and make people think more highly of the company by telling customers all they do for them. While this is a good idea, you shouldn’t be the one praising your company; let others do it for you. Take Blue Coat Systems as an example. Rather than posting about all the ways they help customers accomplish their goals, they share articles from VentureBeat and other publications that paint them in a positive light.


This has a two-fold effect. Sharing the article and thanking the publication demonstrates gratitude, something far too many companies lack. It humanizes your brand and will endear people to your company on a more personal level. It also provides social proof; it shows people that you aren’t the only one saying you’re a great company — other people are, too. And as that social proof grows, your image on social media will grow with it.


Make it a habit of retweeting and sharing posts about your company that put a positive spin on it — and always thank those who wrote the article. In regard to negative content, unless it is a major issue, don’t bring attention to it. Contact the person privately and see what you can do to improve their experience. In many cases, doing this will improve your image in surprising ways.


Improving your brand image will require slow and steady work, especially if your image has taken a hit on social media. By following these three guidelines, you can better prepare for the future and know how to build engagement on social media the right way.

Social Media Superstar


Social media has become an intricate part of both our personal lives and careers. It’s a way for everyone to stay connected and communicate. We see each other’s trials, triumphs, and goofy pictures every day when we share them. It has emerged as a powerful tool in business marketing because of its ability to reach large amounts of people instantly on various platforms such as computers, smartphones and tablets. When someone ‘likes’ your post, someone else sees that, then they share it, and it goes on and on and on.

Essentially, people are advertising for you – for free. The trick is getting people to pay attention to you in the first place so they’ll be interested when you post something. It’s good to be unique, and that’s what we’ll focus on today; sometimes the weird kid is also really cool and fun to hang out with, and that’s what you should strive for in your social media tactics.

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd


Ok, that heading sounds cliché, and it is. But that’s what you need to do. Whatever enterprise you are involved in, you’re certainly not the only one doing it. A lot of businesses are clamoring for attention so they can stay afloat and hopefully thrive. Attracting someone to your business is a lot like attracting a romantic partner – you want to make your intentions clear, but you don’t want to come off as desperate. Let them know there’s something special about you without going overboard. My favorite thing is seeing that a company has a sense of humor. If you’ve got an announcement regarding a special or discount you’re running, say it by posting a funny picture of a dog or you wearing those big nose and mustache glasses. That is so much better than a bland graphic, and it will make people chuckle and associate you with something positive.

Here are some tips on building a personal brand:


Give It Away Now


Once you’ve got their attention, you have to keep it. A surefire way to make sure everyone is following your every move is free stuff. On your Facebook, Twitter, etc., announce that you’re giving away one month of free service, lunch with the CEO, or whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve, and encourage them to like and share it. When they share it, double their entries. This gives your followers incentive to share your information to all their friends and followers, therefore increasing your visibility. Now you’ve got a lot of people looking your way and thinking you’re cool for being generous.

Some additional examples if you still don’t believe us:




When you do cool stuff, people want to be a part of it. Include your fans and followers on your page and let them show what they’ve got. For example, if it’s a beautiful summer day, ask if anyone has fun plans, and tell them to post their favorite vacation memory/photo on your page. Is this business related? Not that I know of. However, it’s one more thing that keeps interaction flowing between you and your customers and establishes a positive association. If they’re feeling good about posting on your page, they’ll feel good about doing business with you.

The takeaway from all of the above should be that these things are natural. You aren’t forcing your way into their door a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining; you are, as they say, letting the game come to you. If you can figure out how to make your social media accounts work for you, you’ll exponentially increase productivity and enjoyment for everyone involved.



Chris Ford loves the challenge of solving puzzles, deep dish pizza and all things business. He writes for Basler Co., Inc., makers of custom Post-It products.