startup momentum


Your once small start-up is growing and you’re no longer in survival mode. Keeping the lights on and paying yourself enough to not starve has morphed into a healthy profit margin and your company is continuing to see gains.


This type of forwarding momentum is something every startup hopes to achieve, so it should be celebrated. But it should also be used as a sign that a time of transition is fast approaching. You cannot continue to operate in the same way, using the same methods, if you want your business to keep expanding.


Here we outline the next steps you should take to keep your company agile as it takes on its next level of growth.


Capitalize on Technology

In today’s hyper-connected world, making the switch to more tech-friendly alternatives in certain areas of your business can save you some serious capital. Take, for example, the traditional practice of having an in-office phone system. If you’re ready to level up, consider bypassing the conventional office phone set-up for more modern and affordable VoIP phone systems.


Online and connected to the cloud, VoIP phone systems reduce basic call costs both local and international by up to 40 percent, according to Tech.Co. And these software-based phones provide a whole host of additional benefits, including voice to email transcription, call routing, call recording, multi-level IVR and more. Using a more modern tech-based phone system also allows for faster and more flexible business communication, as every one of your employees, no matter if they are working in an office, remote or traveling, can stay connected.


Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

You can have the best business idea in the world — and if your startup is gaining serious traction, it’s likely you do — but if more people don’t learn about it, your business momentum will lose steam. So, don’t let your marketing efforts be put on the back burner. Now is the time to make certain you have a marketing plan. You can hire from the outside or use software to create, edit and share with your trusted team; either way, you want to make sure you have a tailored website and start building your online presence as soon as possible.


Don’t get stuck in an old school mindset when it comes to things like inbound marketing or using social media to spread the word about your business. Social sites can be a huge platform for your marketing efforts, especially if some of your customers are Millennials.


Also, the methodology behind your marketing is just as important. So, remember to keep each piece of marketing targeted toward a particular buyer persona, section of the sales funnel or SEO benchmark. This way your efforts can be measured, and you can adjust your tactics if need be.


Say Yes to Change

If you want to continue to grow your business, you have to stay open to the idea of change. Having a more nimble mindset often leads to unexpected doors opening and the ability to hone in on opportunities to scale others may miss due to fear of change. Your business will always be your business, but being okay with change keeps the possibilities for growth wide open.


You followed a ton of little steps to get your business to the level of success it’s at now. Try implementing these next set of steps to go from short-term thinking to long-term success and watch your customer satisfaction skyrocket.

startup marketing


There is no doubt about it we are seeing a serious boom in web based start-ups right now and investors along with venture capitalists all around are sitting at the negotiating tables with blank checks and eager smiles. Having a great idea is one thing but making things happen once that idea gets rolling is a whole other story. With so many web based applications, tools and business trinkets making headlines these days there are certain search engine marketing activities that are simply going to be a must have for any new business start-up.


The days of having the build it and they will come attitude is long gone. Today a much more robust plan of attack has to be implemented because not everything goes viral like Facebook. The Foursquare’s and Facebook’s of the world don’t always happen as they expected. Most websites require a swift kick in the keester to get visibility and traction rolling along.


Here are some marketing must haves for new business start-ups:


Plan Phase 1, 2 and 3 at the Same Time!

I don’t care what anyone says you need a well-built and oiled website if you plan on making any impact in your business space. Some of the best start-ups in today’s digital space are consistently evolving their site, functionality, and layout as they grow and morph. Phase 1 should be enough to gain some traction but phase 2 should already be in the works before you even go live. With so much technology all around us to make our sites faster, convert better, and communicate much easier you have to keep things fresh as you grow. Don’t worry about whether you competition is doing the same because that is irrelevant. Every company has a different culture and different goals and you should make sure your website is always improving to keep up with the demand of your web traffic. Step into the shoes of your audience and pretend you are them for just a moment.


Clearly Defined Conversion Goals

I come across new start-up sites every single day. Some are designed and developed to convert well and some clearly have no conversion goals in place. Depending on what your web traffic goals are you have to lead your traffic down a path at all times. These days there are lots of paths to send traffic down. You want to send them to your Twitter account, you want to send them over to your Facebook page, you want a web visitor to find multiple extensions of your brand in order to instill authority and trust and your development needs to showcase this. Create un-cluttered path ways so they can find what they need to help you grow your brand swiftly. It doesn’t matter whether your start-up space is cluttered or you are the only person at the party, a clear concise layout is a happy layout! If your conversions require proposals make sure your digital marketing RFP process is solid.


SEM is Like Making Soup and SEO is the Water

No doubt SEO should not be overlooked. Regardless of what your niche or business space is there is always value to conducting SEO for your site even if you think there is too much going on in your search space. Would I put all my eggs in that basket? I wouldn’t put all my eggs in any basket these days. SEO is a nice foundational step for everything else you are planning on conducting for your start-up. SEO can be tough for a brand new start-up simply because the search results have been peppered with web pages for a very long time and it is often tough to move pages that have been lingering for many years for certain keywords in a short period of time. SEM is like making soup, SEO is the water, and being efficient is just the right amount of heat.


You Better Get Ready To Be Social Butterfly

Companies which have been growing for many years can sometimes offset a less than stellar social media approach simply because they have conducted business for so long utilizing other facets. A new start-up launching yesterday should is much different and should be conducting more social media than sleeping. Social communication for businesses making their way into the digital space as a start-up now have to be willing to put in the man-hours with a very robust social media marketing strategy.


Social media sources that should be used:


  • Embedded document sharing (Scribd, DocStoc, Slideshare)
  • Heavy Twitter interaction
  • Robust Facebook communication
  • Social influence growth (Klout)
  • Daily company updates
  • Brand personality and culture

Think Outside The Box with SEM

Sure PR and articles are great but viral marketing, unique give aways and creative YouTube channels will create a much stronger impact than your typical efforts. Search engine marketing has no definition or creative guidelines so you are free to roam the lands as you wish. It is a vast digital space and anything is possible in order to attract attention so try to step outside of the norm at some point. With that said though it is important to still execute the basics because the basics are the clue that holds everything together.


Here is a collection of some of the best viral marketing efforts in recent years.


If you are a start-up and are eager to get rolling it is important to be robust and have as many extensions of your brand as humanely possible in the search space. The goal is to get your audience bumping into you in as many locations as possible.