10 Reasons Why Web Strategies Fail

10 Reasons Web Strategies Fail

Online marketing strategies don’t mean to fail they just do. Sometimes because of elements that are completely out of your control and other times simply from a lack of robustness backing the campaign.

The possibilities of why web strategies fail can really be endless when trying to examine why and when things simply go wrong. Often times as a company you really have to dig into the approach to understand which effort was running at half staff.

Here are ten reasons why web strategies often fail:

Zero Plan of Attack

Shooting from the hip every month is not going to help you grow as a company online. You really have to have a serious plan of attack because there is a lot going on with the web. Document your movements at all times.

Lack of Web Knowledge

Being successful online requires knowledge of how the web works. If you are trying to cut costs but do not understand how the search engine space even works you are just going to shot yourself in the foot.

No Gusto

You got to have a passion for marketing if you plan on marketing your business online. In order for a web strategy to work you have to be willing to allow that strategy to evolve and morph. The nature of marketing a website online requires tweaking along the way and that tweaking requires a certain gusto if you want to find new exciting locations for inbound traffic. Have faith in your map.

 Too Cookie Cutter

The last thing any business online needs in today’s marketing world is a watered down SEM approach. Sure there are some basics that everyone should be following but if you really want to shine you have to step off the beaten path and think outside the box a bit.

No Patience

One of the most important things any business needs to have when marketing themselves online is patience. The digital search space is very busy and every single day individuals across the globe dump billions of pages of content which requires persistence and patience to push through.

No Clear Goals

As a business your online marketing approach really needs to have some goals in place. What ever your goals are your website needs needs to be able to work in conjunction with your marketing goals. To simply say you want “more sales” is not enough. Ask yourself, is your website positioned to achieve your goals?

Sloppy Website

If you are going to spend the time and resource on a comprehensive marketing strategy you better have a well built website. If your website is sloppy and under performing you will simply spin your wheels. Sure you might get the traffic to land on your website but what happens when your traffic has no clue what to do when they get there?

Not Enough Resources

If your marketing strategy is going to shoot for the stars you better make sure you have enough man power to execute everything properly and consistently. The last thing you want to do is either stretch yourself thin or a single employee leading to nothing being executed properly.

Loss of Motivation

It takes a special type of person to spend endless hours in front of the computer writing, tweeting and linking in order to grow a brands presence and one thing that does happen to individuals is a lack of motivation.  Since search marketing is such a long term process at times keeping motivation up is really important.

Forgetting to Evolve

Failing to evolve could eventually lead to failure. Your initial strategy might look like the cats bag but it is important to evolve as you move forward. The digital web space is very dynamic and your online marketing strategy should follow suit.

One response to “10 Reasons Why Web Strategies Fail”

  1. RevSEO says:

    Brad you know the common characteristics of this post? That most web strategies fail because they have a lack of PASSION. Exactly as you put it with “No Gusto!”

    People must be passionate about what they are doing online. Far too often you see newbies start up a website about some “amazing” keyword they found, to be burned out and quit a few weeks later.

    Turns out making a website about some exotic bird that they don’t know a thing about wasn’t the right path to becoming successful online.

    When I’m helping friends or family take a look at getting started on the web I always tell them to focus on what they are PASSIONATE about and figuring out how to “monetize” it later.

    Most people want quick results, but with IM and SEO that’s not how it works.

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