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Optimization and SEO of your Google+ page is going to be an important effort once you get it up and running. Some people do it without really thinking about it and others miss great opportunities on their profiles to enhance the user experience and also their own SEO. The new Google+ profile pages have a great deal of opportunity to enhance user experience and strengthen an individuals or brands search engine optimization efforts.


For anyone who understands the world of SEO they know that links are quite important and that is one area the new Google+ pages really give you an opportunity to showcase what you have.


Google Plus Page Optimization

Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious locations.


  • Top Title: The top title portion allows for a tag line underneath your name. If you are using this profile for professional reasons label exactly what it is that you offer. Try utilizing some keywords into the mix as well. Are the keywords going to be the make or break the business for you? Probably not but it really doesn’t hurt to utilize some when ever you can.
  • Introduction: The introduction is an important area to focus on because it really allows you to put some nice content into the mix while being able to leave behind hyper linked keywords. Now you don’t want to over do it with your hyper links but a few that make sense for your audience will certainly help you out quite a bit.
  • Side Bar Links: This is where you really need to pay close attention. This area gives you the ability to really showcase yourself as a business and also a brand. Links to other profiles, areas of contribution and recommended links are what Google wants you to showcase from a link standpoint. You want to make sure you utilize this area not only to build your credentials as a professional in your field but also to drive some nice link power to each source assuming some of the sources will be sites that you personally own.

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