Does Blogging Help SEO?

Blogging Help SEO


The short answer, heck yeah! Blogging is one of those magical web marketing efforts that can overlap a handful of marketing voids. Depending on how you approach your blogging you can pull in a great deal of traffic and exposure. When blogging was first introduced it was simply a content publisher but it didn’t take the community long to figure out exactly how to leverage the tool in order to increase SEO power.

Here are a few ways how blogging can help with SEO:


Internal Linking


As you start to get rolling along with your blog writing you will eventually start to come across internal linking opportunities. Linking together like minded blog posts utilizing keywords will help pass power between other blog posts which ultimately strengthens your blog or site SEO.


External Linking


Don’t forget that good search engine optimization requires some external linking to outside quality resources. It is not all about one way links pointing to your website or blog. If you want to have a well rounded SEO approach with your blog you are going to have to link to sources that are better than you eventually.


One Way Links


If your content is good your community will acknowledge it and the way they will do that is by either sharing it with their community or by linking to it. At some point others will write similar content and will want to link to your posts to provide credibility on that particular topic.


Social Media


Some might argue that social media has no role with SEO but the truth is that it does. Social media can trigger situations that lead to great SEO for a website.

Example: You write a blog post that your Twitter audience enjoys reading. Your audience spreads it around and retweets your post. Someone sees it and decides they want to link to it on their blog. Prime example of how a simple social media action directly lead to a one-way link creating a great SEO experience.


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