Music Marketing Education from Twitter

Twitter Music Marketing

Recently Twitter put out a whole section on their site on how to properly market yourself as a professional musician. Musician marketing is nothing new, Music marketing on Twitter however is! Basic music marketing starts with getting online and becoming active — Twitter is a great place to start that process. Many musicians have been able to spread their wings quite a bit by utilizing and harnessing the power of Twitter for music marketing.

Here is an excerpt from the official Twitter for musicians marketing page:

“For music fans, Twitter is the next best thing to being backstage. And for performers, connecting with your fans in an authentic way is one key to your success. A Twitter connection tells fans how much you appreciate them, and it also enables you to tailor your messages. The fact is, Twitter provides more authenticity and creative control than any other online medium. Tweets come straight from you, and go right to your followers all over the world, in real-time.

Twitter styles are as varied as the people who use Twitter. Whatever your goal, Rule #1 is that your Tweets should reflect the things you’re passionate about. And you won’t be surprised to hear us say that practice makes perfect— just like learning an instrument or writing music. That’s why we’ve put this guide together: to help you and your fans get the most out of every single Tweet.”

We are not saying that marketing yourself on Twitter is going to be the answer to your success but it is an amazing platform to have yourself and your brand image heard.

Twitter music marketing tips

Here are some of the basic music marketing points a musician can make online through Twitter:

  • Establishing your voice as an artist
  • How to use hashtags
  • Replying to your fans
  • Fan interviews
  • Live-tweet events
  • How to include photos
  • Tips for running band accounts
  • How to showcase news
  • Album marketing


Twitter Music Marketing

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  1. Rij says:

    It goes without saying twitter is now trending and helping any musician to promote or advertise to sell in market. There are lots of new comer who are coming to continue or taking it as professional value so twitter is using as the ultimate guidelines to make them precious along with productive in terms of surviving in the music industry. Therefore it goes without saying that twitter as social networking sites helping every person to be a perfect musician. You can pay someone to write your topbritishessay also.Thanks for sharing.

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