Google Just Got Smarter

Do you remember back in the day when Google was just a basic site to find info on? Well they have evolved tremendously over the years into a behemoth search tool used by almost everyone. What we like about Google is their constant drive for innovation to enhance user experience. When it comes to anything online user experience is truly one of the most important efforts to focus on. If your users like their experience they are going to come back, if they come back they might just tell their friends as well.

Google states:

“Google’s Knowledge Graph isn’t just rooted in public sources such as Freebase, Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. It’s also augmented at a much larger scale—because we’re focused on comprehensive breadth and depth. It currently contains more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects. And it’s tuned based on what people search for, and what we find out on the web.”

One of the things Google really likes doing is enhancing the ability of their search algorithm to display even more relevant information you might find useful. Recently their Knowledge Graph initiative is one step closer to that goal. The Knowledge Graph pieces together massive amounts of information to help you identify other related topics or sources to help your information quest.

Google Knowledge Graph Video

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