4 Reasons Google Gives Your Website No Love

When it comes to having a website that performs well within the confines of Google you have to be willing to conduct certain online marketing efforts that Google finds…well, nice. You don’t just build a website and Google all of a sudden says “thank you sooooo much!!” no, it doesn’t work that way. You have to be willing to put some time into your approach, your branding and your web marketing. Google is a busy place and you have to be willing to put the time into building your voice.

Here are 4 reasons why Google gives you no love:

You haven’t paid your dues yet

Don’t expect that just because you launched a website that Google has to give you some sort of special attention. Give Google a reason to give you that special attention. Google doesn’t just reward websites because they are built; Google rewards websites that proactively market their businesses online, the more creative the better. If you conduct a viral marketing campaign and all of a sudden 50 high profile industry blogs write about it and link back, Google will notice. If you put out a great press release that generates some really nice inbound links, Google will notice. Get the picture?

 You are cutting corners

Nothing ruffles Google’s feathers more than websites which cut corners with their search marketing. If you are attempting SEO strategies and you know you are doing things you are not supposed to you will pay the price in some way. That price could be zero visibility, a penalty or possibly no traffic leading to stale results. Google is never going to show you love if you cut corners with the technology they have worked so hard improving and refining. Do I even have to put the word “period” at the end of that last sentence?

Here are some great sources for you to better understand what to do inside the walls of Google:

You Forgot about Google+

Now don’t go twisting my words but what I am saying is that when Google develops a social media platform that is directly connected with search results…YOU USE IT. If you want Google love, you have to show love towards Google as well. It is a two way street. Google+ has direct search signals with the search algorithm so if you want to increase the power of your site try using the Google products. If you are one of those people that think Google is evil and don’t like to use their products, well that is a whole other problem that we can’t help you with.

Still don’t believe me?

You are not Taking a Multi-Pronged Approach

Google really likes it when website owners use multiple streams of traffic to grow their site. Using a diverse approach will only help you. Sure it will take some effort to build up these channels but like my grandmother used to say — “You have to work hard to play hard”

  • Inbound organic traffic
  • Robust content marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Heavy social media
  • Blog marketing
  • Clean onsite SEO
  • Guest writing
  • Press release marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Etc…

You get the point here right? Google sees everything you do. When you present yourself as a brand that brand will show much more weight in Google’s eyes. A website that  is not serious about building their online brand would never actively pursue this many efforts but when they do it right Google does reward them with a bit more love. The caliber of that love depends on how you approach these areas of web marketing.

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