Social Media Marketing Outsourcing Tips

I’m going to put this bluntly, social media marketing can be a very time consuming task and quite difficult. If it were easy everyone would be super successful and an expert. The truth is that not all companies will be able to hire a full time social media employee to handle their online communication efforts and ignoring it is simply not an option. In many cases social media outsourcing will be a key ingredient to at least gaining some important ground in the social space without having to pay for a full time employee to handle it for you.

Keep in mind that outsourcing your social media marketing will require both parties to be on the same page at all times. A proper game plan, strategy and communication need to be in place for the process to occur properly.

Here are some tips to help you outsource your social media marketing.

Clearly define all actions early on

Social media marketing can be confusing for some organizations which is why they are outsourcing it in the first place. Both parties need to understand all frequencies and actions being performed throughout the month in order for it to be a successful partnership. A properly laid out game plan early on is important so both parties can see the progression of the process. Everything from what communities you are participating in all the way to content topics.

There needs to be a vibrant understanding of what social media marketing actually is

Social media marketing to one group of people can be something very different to another group of people. It is important to understand what social media marketing and engagement consists of. The vendor performing the social media activities should be able to explain exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Documentation of work is a must

Depending on the frequency of activities conducted each month it is important for the company conducting the work to record and keep track of what activities are performed. When outsourcing any sort of search engine marketing activity you can easily lose grip on the work being conducted and this activity log will help you understand what is being completed. It will also help you build trust in the company performing the outsourced social media because search engine marketing can be very intangible.


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