What are the Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

Digital Marketing Trends

How are you reading this article right now?  On your new iPhone?  A tablet?  A desktop computer?  Even if you aren’t using today’s hottest technology, you are using technology that was – at some point – revolutionary.  As new technologies emerge, markers need to adapt their approach to consumer engagement in order to take advantage of these industry-altering advancements.

Not even the smartest marketer can predict how the future will unfold.  However, they do need to be aware of the fact that the industry changes every day.  The best marketers will embrace the latest trends and get ahead of the curve now.

Location features of social apps – like Path, banjo, foursquare – are a wealth of valuable consumer information.  And these days, it’s almost as if consumers are daring us to make their life easier.  Soon, advancements like Google Wallet and Near Field Communication (NFC) will slip from state-of-the-art to ordinary.

Google Wallet Video

When it comes to online video, the ratio of money spent on marketing versus consumer consumption is severely disproportional.  Before you throw tons of money into a new marketing campaign, realize that forced-view options are being pushed out.  A better approach is user-initiated solutions that respect time and interest.  Also, research the ROI of in-image ads which incorporate brand communication within appropriate content.

Remember, providing relevant content in a variety of venues improves brand recognition and increases customer interactions.  Research shows that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing campaign but only 39% of participants are getting it.  Also, an integrated marketing strategy that spanned mobile, TV and online venues generated 74% brand recall.  If you haven’t already, check out the marketing potential that is available with QR Codes.

Lastly, acknowledge that new technology platforms require new marketing strategies.  There is so much new marketing potential available now for things like tables and mobile devices.  Instead of using the same old display strategy, why not advertise according to the format?  For example, a hair restoration clinic displays the devastating effects of male pattern baldness.  Then, with a tilt of the iPad, the man has a fully restored head of hair.

Technology changes how we interact with the world.  And emerging marketing strategies change how we interact with the new technology.  Instead of waiting until new marketing trends reach the mainstream, jump in now!

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