Content Marketing – What You Need to Know and Do

Marketing with Words

When it comes to the wonderful world of SEO you simply cannot tackle the search space without having some sort of content marketing strategy in place. Content integration marketing has become an extremely powerful choice for any solid SEO campaign simply because people do like to read (on the contrary to what you might believe). Whether you are writing a press release or strategizing on an eBook some sort of content marketing is crucial for online growth.

If your content is helpful and useful for someone in your business space they will read it. If it is written very well they could even share it which is the holy grail of marketing. When you can get others to share your voice that is when you start to see amazing results.

Our friends over at Sekari in Dubai put this great infographic piece showcasing how important it is for any SEO campaign to have a healthy content marketing component.

Content Marketing & SEO

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