A Simple Guide in Setting up a WordPress Site for the non-Techie

WordPress Installation

Years ago, the goal of most business owners or bloggers was getting a website that was compatible with most browser and that would rate well on Google and other search engines. That paradigm has changed dramatically in the last couple of years thanks largely in part to mobile devices. With an ever growing number of users now access the web via smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices, it is imperative that websites be mobile friendly. In this video you will be walked through the process of creating a mobile friendly WordPress site.

As with any site, you are going to need hosting and a domain name. The web host of choice in this video is Hostgator for the simple fact that they have a WordPress installation option built into their cPanel. Within five minutes, you can have WordPress setup without having to do any downloading or uploading to your web server. It is all done for you.

The video next will walk you through the process of selecting a theme for your site. If you want to make your site mobile friendly from the start, this is where you want to start. Themes are essentially templates for your website and one of the styles of template you can choose is a responsive template.

A responsive template incorporates a responsive design to your WordPress site, meaning that the content of your site will automatically adjust according to the device it is displayed on. By choosing a responsive template, you have done the majority of the work needed to make your site mobile ready. In fact, Google recommends a responsive design be used for any new site being created.

Once you have setup a responsive template for your site, it is now time to put up some content. You will find out how easy it is to setup posts, pages, menus, and much more via WordPress. In addition, you can add features known as widgets that adds features to your website such as search, comments, and much more.

Note that if you do not choose to use a responsive template for your WordPress theme, you will want to install the WPtouch plug-in for the site. You will learn more about plug-in in the video as well. The WPtouch plug-in automatically creates a mobile friendly version of your site that will load in mobile devices.

As you can see, WordPress makes it easy to create a mobile friendly website. Mobile functionality is among the many features that has helped WordPress to become a top website development platform and one favored by beginning webmasters. Spend an hour watching this video and applying the steps will save you hundreds in web developer fees and quickly have you on the way to creating a professional looking mobile friendly website.

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Lori Campbell is a member of the PressTheWord youtube channel, they create step-by-step web design tutorials geared towards beginners, visit their channel for more tutorials.

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