Impact of Web Designing on Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Just a decade ago, web designing was limited to creating simple static pages which were uploaded through FTP servers. They were not very interactive and people hardly bothered to care about how it looked or felt. However, Internet has evolved so quickly that it is not longer static in any manner. It has turned into a dynamic and vibrant space where each website tries to outpace the other in its aesthetics, functionality and importance.

Web designing has increasingly changed the way people advertise online

Certainly, web designing has changed a lot over these years. Web designing has also had its impact felt on a number of industries. One of those is online advertising. Web designing has had a tremendous impact on online advertising ever since people have begun to shop more online. Moreover, eCommerce and online advertising themselves have turned into multi-million dollar industries and in order to get goods and services to customers and clients, businesses have increasingly depended on online advertisements. Online advertisements are intrinsically related to web designing. As website shave become more interactive and attractive to look at, so have online advertising campaigns.

Here are a few factors that are common to both web designing and online advertising.

  • An increased dependence on graphics
  • Increasing importance given to the quality of content
  • Highlighting the importance of striking images
  • Importance of targeting the right audience
  • Using the latest scripts and tools to create aesthetic banner ads or web pages

With these 5 elements common to both web designing and online advertisements, one must acknowledge the fact that both are mutually inclusive. One cannot exist without the other. Thus, web designing has continued to influence the way online advertisements are created. Responsive web design has had a tremendous impact on online advertisements. Advertisements are no longer the annoying pop-ups that one used to encounter a long time ago. Instead, online advertisements cohabitate within a webpage without being intrusive.

Importance of minimalism in web designing has impacted online advertising

The more stress web designers have given to white space and minimalism, online advertisers too have followed the same path. Online advertisers are now graphically rich, less on content and as simple as possible. These unique impacts of web designing on online advertising have had a tremendous impact on the way one conceives digital marketing. Thus, digital marketing has come to include not only online advertisements but also advertisements specifically designed for websites they will be displayed on.

Most likely, web designing will continue to influence the way companies advertise online. This will have far reaching effects on web designing itself, as web developers at a website design firm will also need to bear ad campaigns in mind when they design web pages. This mutually inclusive nature of the relationship between the two has created a change in the paradigm that existed before. In the future, we may see more web designers taking online advertising into account and designing web pages for the success of such online ad campaigns. Meanwhile, advertisers are getting used to the impact of web designing on their profession.

Author Bio:

Miguel Thomas is an online advertising professional at a website design firm who observes the way Internet is evolving. Click here to learn more about how web designing may impact various industries.

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