How to Deal with a Social Media Crisis

Dealing with Crisis


A crisis is bound to happen someday and comes in different forms we don’t expect. You should be ready for anything and plan in advance how to deal with a crisis. Have a special crisis management team that will guide the company on ways to handle it without causing much tension. Here are some of the ways to deal with social media crisis.


Admit there is a crisis

Admitting that a crisis in your company is the big and successful first step you have made. By acknowledging you would have made the public aware that you know what you are doing and that you are aware. The public is always curious and will stick to your neck asking questions you never expected. Even if you are out of the office and have not been updated on what is happening admit blindly that there is a crisis. They would not waste their time asking you about it if they have no news.


Some examples:


Quick response to where the crisis first broke

When a crisis has occurred on Facebook, immediately respond through the same social network. Responding in other venues will not create any impact and the public might see that you are trying to avoid what is already gone wrong. Replying back via the first venue will help you deal with other reports that you get when the crisis has spread. Try as much to keep updated via email and other social media networks because you never know where it will break out from.


Be sorry

You are in the middle of a crisis and still insist on denying it. It is public and everyone is aware denial will only bring much problems and cause propaganda that you will not be able to come out of. Admit there has been a crisis and apologize to calm things down.


Create a crisis FAQ

A crisis may happen anytime and creating something to back you up might be very important. It’s the time you will meet the real personalities in public, you are to be confident and pretend you are in a position to handle the crisis. Create a list of FAQs to help you answer questions directed to you. Your crisis management team should come up with good questions that are bound to be asked. You can easily confirm your answers and respond faster. Some of the questions you need to include in the list include


  • How did you learn about the crisis?
  • What actions have you taken to resolve the matter?
  • Has the crisis affected you and how?


Create a crisis pressure relief valve

Have one venue where you can communicate the crisis resolving process with the interested parties. A venue that has gained a lot of users and may be a source of news to the public.fro instance social media such as twitter, Facebook has gained much popularity. It could be a venue where you can answer questions, explain how you are dealing with the crisis and also see the comments of how the users are taking the crisis and talking about your company.


Know when to take it offline

Everyone is watching every step you take and how you intend to deal with the crisis. As much as you receive criticizing comments don’t throw back words and involve yourself in an online fight. Some of the ways you could use to get yourself out is by offering other means of contact give your number and your email. If asked a question just answer with discrete avoid third replies or making conversations.


Keep your staff aware

Let everyone in your company be aware that a crisis has happened. Save them the embarrassments when asked questions without their knowledge. Keep them aware through their mails, phones and their social media profiles. They will know how to deal with the crisis questions coming from other venues.


Learn your lessons

From the first crisis you should be able to analyze how to handle another one just in case it comes. Call for a company meeting and discuss new ways to improve crisis management techniques. Use the feedback from the public to help you have new ideas. Lastly appreciate your team for solving the previous crisis.


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