Digital Marketing: The Same Old Thing in a New Package

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is scary for a lot of people. It involves computers, and a huge amount of people just cannot grasp a digital world. They hear about social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and it does not make any sense to them. The problem here is that there is a gap between the reality of what happens on social networks and the understanding people have already built up with a lifetime of knowledge. That gap is caused entirely by computers, and their thousands of ones and zeros and digital bits and bytes.

Computers can be frightening but they’re only allowing people to do what humanity has already done for centuries. Microsoft Office lets people type a letter and add up a row figures. Sure it lets people delete mistakes and insert fancy graphics but people have been writing letters for centuries. A computer is simply a tool, and once people realise this they can far easier understand the mystery of digital marketing.

A tool that can be hard to understand is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC.) All SEO is is making sure people can find you. Google’s search engine is like a newspaper “Top Ten Restaurants in the City.” When someone searches for a restaurant Google will run through their databases and find evidence: so many people are talking about a certain restaurant (how many people are linking to the site,) the restaurant’s façade looks good (the website is properly set up and maintained) and there have been no health and safety violations attributed to the restaurant (no bad practices have been found by the website.) What Google is doing is measuring the digital “buzz” around a restaurant, much like why a newspaper would report on it. The only difference is that Google’s computers did the measuring and not the newspaper’s reviewer. To many this is a scary thing, but Google are quite good at what they do. With PPC Advertising, all you’re doing is paying Google to show your ad, much like a newspaper would print it. The difference being you pay a newspaper for however many thousand copies it distributes, while you pay Google for however many people click on your ad.

Digital marketing is simply doing with computers what people have done for hundreds of years. The new part is the computer, a tool like any other that mostly makes our life easier, but sometimes harder. And it definitely makes our life harder if we don’t know how to use it. Things like social networks and video sites like Youtube are digital examples of what people have been doing since the dawn of time: talking to each other, entertaining each other and making connections with each other. You may certainly need to hire someone who understands the computer side of things, but you can easily understand the overall picture. Digital marketing is about appealing to the same people you’ve been dealing with forever, just this time with a different tool.

Author Bio:

In his 39 year career, Alan Cox, CEO and Founder, IVM Perth, has worked on thousands of television commercials, over 40 television documentaries and countless corporate videos. In addition, he has studied the psychology and science of video and how humans communicate. Because of his extensive experience and knowledge of psychology he claims to know what works and why it works.

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