4 Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate Through Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking Technology

According to eye tracking reports, web images play a vital role in improving the conversation rate on your website. However, most people opt not to run one because they find them time consuming and very costly. Nevertheless, running eye tracking reports on your website should be one factor that you need take into consideration if you want to improve your conversation rate and enhance your chances of having a successful Ecommerce website. By keenly studying eye tracking reports, you are able to learn a lot and understand the many commonalities that exist in how people tend to move their eyes despite the website that they may be on.

The following four tips are some of the factors that you should take into consideration in order to improve the conversation rate on your website.

Ensure you use people’s images correctly

There are high chances that you will use images of people on your website in order to make the website more appealing to people. However, how you use the images will highly influence the success rate of your website. Using the images wrongly can sometimes work contrary to your expectations whereby your conversation rate greatly reduces instead of increasing. For example, if you are going to use a model to advertise a certain product, ensure that the eyes of the person on your image are gazing at the product. This is because when the model on the image gazes on the product, people accessing your website will be drawn to look at what the model is gazing at which is the product. Therefore if you opt to use people’s images on your website, ensure that their eyes focus on the most important element on your web page such as the product or call-to-actions buttons.

Know and focus on your target market

Research has shown the men and women tend to look at web pages and the images on those pages differently. Therefore, understanding your target market will help you in focusing their attention to what you want them to look at. For example, if you want to attract men to your web page it is essential that you focus your marketing tactics and conversation efforts around men. It would help for you to use models who are women that are adorned in very attractive and sexy clothes depending on what message you want to relay to the men. It is often difficult to predict which gender will be attracted to your website. Therefore, it would be just easier to focus your conversation optimization on one gender only. You can also opt to use software such as Qualaroo to determine what gender regularly visits your website.

Simplicity for sophistication

Where and how you place images, texts and call to action buttons on your web page greatly matters. Keeping it simple sometimes can give you the ultimate results because it passes the message straight away and does not allow any confusion. This is because people understand what the image wants to portray by simply taking a glance at it. You can keep your images simple by avoiding using too many different colors on one webpage and also exempting unnecessary texts or elements from your web page. When you keep the images simple, you are able to control what exactly the people look at which eventually boosts your conversation rates.

Handwritten notes are more attractive

If you go back to your childhood days when your friend used to pass you handwritten notes in class, you will recall how exciting and intriguing it used to be for you to read those notes. It is the same case for people accessing websites. When people read messages and doodles on the notes, it draws them to look at what you want them to look at especially if you include hand drawn arrows that direct them to what you want them to look at. Therefore, use of handwritten notes on your webpage can be extremely effective in boosting your conversation rates.


Therefore if you want to improve your conversation rates on your website, don’t just copy the few tips above but ensure that you test them so that you are able to know what exactly works for you. This is important because some that worked for others may not necessarily work for you. If you find eye tracking unaffordable for you, you can opt for other methods such as heat maps which are less costly. These methods should assist you come up with ways in which you can improve your conversation rates.

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