Modern Business Marketing: How to Get Started on Pinterest

Getting Started with Pinterest

Businesses everywhere had reason to celebrate recently after online media sensation Pinterest finally rolled out their new business accounts. Thousands of businesses have already established themselves on Pinterest by creating eye-catching boards that increase their online exposure and get their products in front of millions of online users. Until now, businesses had to conduct their Pinterest promotions using personal accounts and did not have access to business specific tools and features. The new business accounts offer tools such as web analytics to monitor traffic flow to and from your website, rich pins which allow you to add extra features to a pin such as location or buying information, and Pinterest will soon be adding a promoted pin feature letting you showcase your best products. If you would like to take advantage of these new features, you will first have to set up an account or convert your existing personal account.

Setting Up a New Account

New Pinterest Account

To create an account from scratch, start by visiting and selecting the ‘join as a business’ option. You will then be guided through a series of different screens where you can select your business type, fill in your business name, address and contact details, and also provide a link to your main website. The last step requires you to agree to Pinterest’s terms and conditions, and you can then immediately begin creating your first board. Creating original, interesting boards is essential to succeed on Pinterest, and it is also important to integrate your account with any other social networks where you have established a presence.

Many small businesses have enlisted the help of a company such as Yodle, Inc to assist them in building an online profile and increasing their local exposure.

Converting an Existing Account

Pinterest for Business

If you already have a personal account with Pinterest, you still need to visit, but this time you need to select the ‘convert your existing account’ option. You can then select your business type, and all your personal information will already be listed so you can update it if you need to or simply leave it as it is. If you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you are ready to convert your account, and Pinterest will automatically switch your existing boards and activity over to your new account.

For inspiration on how to maximise your business account, head over to Pinterest Case Studies where you can check out what the competition are doing. Pinterest lists some of the most successful business accounts and also offers tips and advice on how to engage your audience, utilise different features such as group boards, and direct traffic to your main website. Another useful section entitled ‘What Works’ provides step-by-step instructions on telling your brands story, creating your Pinterest community, and how to objectively analyse your account to identify areas that need improving.

Pinterest has been a fantastic promotional website for all types of businesses ever since it arrived on the scene just three years ago, but the new features that cater specifically to businesses may just turn Pinterest into the web’s most effective marketing tool.

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