How One Press Release Got First Page Google Love in Less than 24 Hours

PR in 24 Hours
There’s a lot of debate these days about whether online PR can be effective in a world of overhauled search algorithms, social media pushes, and a fast pace that generally pushes big news off the front page almost as soon as it comes about. A Naples, Florida based SEO company has evidence that there is still a place for good PR and online press releases, bringing home some excellent results for a low investment through a news release within a mere 24 hours.


Immediate Results


Doing a search for “plastic surgeon marketing” turns up a grand total of more than 2.5 million results on Google. Within 24 hours after adding a new press release as part of its online PR push, the Naples, Florida-based company landed on the very first page of search results. This happened by means of a good, high-quality release that was judged to be high quality content by Google’s users and search algorithms. This is proof that even in a world where there are millions of small PR tricks, sometimes good old-fashioned high quality and well-researched information does everything you need it to. With a single press release, the company jumped ahead of more than 2.5 million others competing for the top spot.


Example of online PR showing up on first page Google results within 24 hours:


Online PR Example

Cost Effectiveness


Typical online press releases tend to be between 350 and 500 words, with very few of them ranging higher than about 800 words total. This makes them easy to read and digest by users whether they are looking through stories in their morning news searches or just checking the Internet on the go. The relatively low word count also means that, if you choose to hire a freelancer or third party to develop your press releases, you don’t have to worry too much about the total cost. For only a few dollars, you can generate some great leads and, if the release is SEO friendly and properly designed, you can also bring a lot of new attention to your business that you might not otherwise have received.


Doing it Right


What makes online PR effective? The key is a combination of marketing savvy and quality content. You need to know what subjects readers in your desired demographic are going to be most interested in. A good knowledge of how SEO works will help immensely; and some familiarity with the algorithms used by major search sites like Google also helps. At the same time, you need to tie those marketing tidbits in with excellent content. Even in something as simple as a press release, you need to make sure to inform and educate your audience. If you manage to get the right balance between marketing and content, you will find your brand growing extremely quickly. The results speak for themselves.


Online press releases are still a very useful tool that can help generate buzz about your brand with only a very small investment on your part. If you were about to turn your back on such marketing techniques, you may want to rethink your decision.

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