10 Call to Action Items Every Website or Mobile App Should Have

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The most effective call to action (CTA) links spur the user to do a simple task, with a minimal amount of surrounding text that explains what benefit the user will receive from your business if they complete the action. These 10 CTA examples will help your organization maximize its reach to target audiences and boost membership or sales.


1. Subscribe to the Newsletter


Newsletter Call to Action


This call to action can be a great way for your company to spread the word about your services and ongoing projects. The users should be able to easily enter their email address after clicking the “Subscribe to the Newsletter” button, and then have newsletters or email notifications sent directly to their inbox. This can benefit users by keeping them informed of important updates and specials and also allows your business to expand your relationship with new users.


2. Download


If your company is offering a mobile app or other downloadable software, there should be a visible “download” button on the homepage that will make it easy for users to find what they want. Firefox and Spotify both effectively use this type of call to action on their webpages by making the button large but not overwhelming and using colors that stand out against the background of the website.

Hubspot does a really great job with download features.


HubSpot Download Example


Image Source: HubSpot


3. Sign Up Now


Sign Up Call to Action


Image Source: Wave

A call for the user to “Sign Up Now” can be very effective if accompanied by a brief phrase that encapsulates the benefits the user will receive by signing up. Evernote uses the message “Remember Everything” to communicate what their service will do for the consumer, and then uses the same color for the call to action button. This simple design conveys product transparency and user-friendliness to potential customers.


4. Get Started


“Get Started” is a great CTA that makes the process of becoming a member or registering for a service seem fun. The wording it implies that users will be guided through an easy enrollment process rather than sent to a long form that they must complete. This call to action can be even more powerful if accompanied by a line such as “it takes less than a minute” that will assure users that the process is easy.


5. Continue


As an alternative to “Sign Up Now” or “Get Started,” “Continue” implies that the user has already begun the process of becoming a member or enrolling for your services. Furthermore, making that first step effortless for users will show how simple the enrolment process truly is, which will encourage even more people to move forward.


6. Sign Up With Facebook


Facebook Sign Up


Image Source: Myspace

Your company may benefit from allowing users to sing up with their Facebook account. Not only is it easy and familiar to the user, you can also request access to additional demographic information that would not be available from just an email address. Offering the option to sign up with Facebook or by creating a new account works well for companies like Pinterest, because their users may also want to share their activity with their Facebook Social Media accounts.


7. Free Trial


Free Trial Call to Action


Image Source: MOZ

Many companies find it profitable to offer a free trial of their app or service before asking the user to commit financially. Users appreciate the consideration, and business owners get the chance to show the customer how valuable their service is. A “Free Trial” link is a CTA for users to temporarily sign up and use the service, which will then lead to more paying customers or members after the trial period has ended.


8. Learn More


A link or button that simply offers more information about your company poses very little risk to users wary of a lengthy time or financial investment. Therefore, a “Learn More” link can provide a great opportunity to explain the mission of your company. After reading additional information about the organization, readers should then be prompted by another CTA to become involved.

9. Why Us?


“Why Us?” is another informational call to action, but it provides a platform for you to show potential clients the benefits of choosing your company over another. Again, this type of CTA works best in conjunction with another one that encourages users to become a part of the organization or subscribe to ongoing informational emails.

10. Buy it Now!


This call to action is a great option for companies that offer one primary service. Instead of asking the client to go through several steps to purchase something, this simple call to action makes the decision to buy effortless. Adding the price on the “Buy it Now” button may be a good option, or the CTA link could take the user to a “Plans and Pricing” page where they can choose among several different options.

In addition to a catchy phrase, a compelling call to action will have optimal placement on a webpage (formatted both for desktops and mobile devices) and design that captures the attention of the audience. Make your CTA grab an audience’s attention by using contrasting color schemes to offset the button or link from the surrounding text and images.

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