Tips for Creating a 2015 Advertising Strategy

Online Advertising Strategy


What’s the best way to create an ideal advertising strategy for 2015? By starting to think right now about how to implement a good online marketing plan for next year, you can reap the benefits of even greater success while staying one step ahead of the competition.


Here are the best ways to incorporate your 2015 advertising strategy and enjoy unprecedented success in your business:


Facebook Re-Marketing


If you do any kind of marketing on social media and still aren’t tapping into Facebook advertising, you’re truly missing an excellent opportunity to increase your bottom line. Not only does this marketing approach yield a high ROI, it helps you expose your brand, which leads to greater conversion rates, a flexible budget, and a more successful strategy overall.


Reach Out with Twitter


There seems to be a great deal of confusion when it comes to the advertisement aspect on various social media platforms that businesses are forced to participate in. Thankfully, Twitter is the ideal platform for growing your audience organically. Look for key hashtags relative to your industry and connect to other users naturally. Use Twitter’s platform to compliment someone about a great blog post they published.


Get on Instagram


If you haven’t already launched an Instagram account regarding your business, you need to get started. Instagram is growing every day with more than 200 million people actively using it each month. Want exposure? Get on Instagram.


Digital PR


If you connect with a variety of media-based websites and present them with a good pitch, they may decide to write an interesting article or blog about your business. Remember, the more everybody talks about your brand, the more exposure you will enjoy next year.


Email Marketing


How many emails do you send your subscribers each month? If you’re in business and do email marketing, you should ideally send out at least two email blasts a month. Many businesses today send out multiple email blasts each and every day. If you have something interesting to say about your business, let your followers in on it through email transmission.


Contribute Content


Do you want your quality content to be viewed by hundreds of people and gain even more exposure for your business? Start writing and submitting rich content to other relative blogs in your industry.


YouTube Videos


Not everyone is aware that YouTube is owned by Google. What does this mean? By incorporating helpful videos into your marketing strategy, you’ll automatically start to get gain more exposure in the search engines due to the videos that you upload from YouTube.


No one expects you to employ every one of these suggested marketing strategies. Some of them have been around for years, while some are relatively new. However, whatever works is what you should use – and these work.





Bonnie Mahan is the owner of, a leader in aerial banners.

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