51 Important Social Media Terms you Should Know

Social Media Terms


There is a lot going when it comes to social media. Quite often you might hear industry jargon being thrown around without actually knowing what it means. So many terms, so many phrases, what does it all mean? Well see if we can help you understand the social media circus a bit better.

Our friends at Short Stack put together an infographic that goes over 51 of the most common and important social media terms used in the industry today.

Check them out, you might just learn something.


One response to “51 Important Social Media Terms you Should Know”

  1. Samantha Stauf says:

    This is great. Just barely delved into the world of social media. These days people don’t consider you a real person unless you have a social media account–or at least that’s what a few people have told me when I contacted them. Getting more skilled, but this def filled in some gaps.

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