4 Ways to Find Content for Your Business Blog

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It’s a typical Monday. Most people are head down, churning out work, planning out their week. But you, you’re on the hunt for content that you can turn into actionable blog posts for your audience. You know what your audience is looking for and you know where they hang out online — the only thing you’re lacking is the influx of content to really drive SERPs and get people to your site. Here are a few ways to turn your daily business conversations into resourceful content:


1. Be a Resource


Just because you’re an expert in your field doesn’t mean that your readers are. Provide resourceful content and ebooks that will help your audience get a deeper understanding of your industry, and better yet, help them rely on your site as a top resource.

While this may seem like a daunting feat, it really is as easy as writing down what you know. Ask the thought leaders on your team what they specialize in and what they’d love to write about; guaranteed, they each have an area of expertise which they are passionate about. Outline content requirements and even structure their posts for them; make it as easy as possible for them to jot down their wealth of knowledge. Have them turn in a piece of content (about 500 words is good) and have an editor spruce it up a bit (remember, not everyone is a writer). Easy as that, you just created some straight-from-the-source, resourceful content.

Want some inspiration? Check out Moody’s Analytics Insight publications— this is a great example of a company that turned its employees’ expert knowledge into a top resource for users.


2. Create a Case Study


You have a plethora of amazing clients you are helping to be the best. Why not turn the work you’re doing for those clients into blog content? For example, if you use influencer marketing for your clients, create a case study based on virality of the content you created versus the existing content the client had created without your help. Case studies are an awesome way to drive traffic to your blog and to grow your email list. Keep case studies gated (requiring an email address) and you can track popularity while you grow your email marketing campaigns.

For details on how to create a compelling case study, read this KISSmetrics post.


3. Repurpose Existing Content


Your website is filled with content that’s crafted to make the sale, written specifically for your unique audience. Take the content from your landing page, your About Us, even your FAQ and expand on it for on-point, easy content. Better yet, if you have an existing blog, take your old blog posts that are still relevant and rewrite them with a 2015 twist. You may need to add new data and pictures, but a little rewriting of existing content is a sure-fire way to drive traffic without too much work.


4. Create Graphics


When you’re looking at your content to decide what to repurpose, pull out great stats, data and strong sentences to turn into graphics. Whenever you’re creating blog content, keep in mind that everything can also be easily represented in visual form. While we may only remember 20 percent of what we read, Hubspot reports that we remember 80 percent of what we see. Visual content is great for social media and can also be used for infographics. A simple sentence in bold font can do a lot to drive engagement and can keep your blog post alive long after you post it.

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