Google AdWords Makes Some Awesome Changes

AdWords Changes


If you’re one of the million businesses, website publishers, non-profits, or entrepreneurs using Google AdWords; you’d probably like to know that there are at least a trillion searches conducted on Google every single quarter, and now over half of these actions occur on mobile devices. A further one-third of all searches made on Google are related to location- showing that an essential trend for successful advertising is to incorporate local AdWords to ensure you stand out. If you aren’t using Google AdWords you should be – because you’re missing out on over 1 billion store visits worldwide (due to ad placement).


AdWords Already Works, Now They’re Making It Better

Google reported making huge numbers since their inclusion of AdWords, and as trends change, so does Google. Now, Google seeks to re-design their platform, giving users far more options than they ever had before (creatively) and making some aspects of the software much easier for people to use. Customers can really focus on marketing (with the understanding that mobile is more essential than ever), adjusting tactics to meet new trends.


Google Launched Several New Projects With This Update:


-Expanded Ad Text


Rather than the old system that focused on streamlining a shopper’s experience, Google has chosen to expand it. Now, they offer prominent headlines with 30 Characters apiece, as well as one consolidated 80 character line (instead of two 35 character descriptions). Users will also be able to extract their final URL addresses to improve address accuracy and customization.


AdWords Extended Text


-Better, More Responsive Advertising


Newer, responsive advertising is an attempt to focus on creating more user friendly, engaging advertisements for users. Designers can now place active native inventories on advertisements so that users can better engage advertisements, finding a better content look and feel compared to other advertisements.


The change will be simple too- all advertisers have to do is provide headline captions, descriptions for their adds, images, and a URL. To make it even easier for users, Google goes through the heavy lifting of putting it all together and making sure it’s working.


Responsive Ads

-Individual Bid Adjustments for Device Types


If you’ve got an ad that you think will do better on specific platforms, go ahead. Google is now allowing users to set their bids, with percentages that they’re willing to pay to advertise on mobile or on desktop. These amounts vary (all the way up to 900% difference in prices you’re willing to pay for mobile advertising).


-Better Search Ads for Google and Google Maps


Because a third of all searches are related to location, Google wants to give users a better opportunity to use location extensions on specific products or services in the area. Then, they can see what your business has to offer with an inventory from your store on the front page of the Google Maps Ad.



It’s very interesting to imagine the directions that these types of advertisements will take marketers, customers, and Google. With several billion dollars in revenue (and around a billion customers) it’s clear to say that AdWords is something your business should be involved in. Learn more on the Inside AdWords blog [].

Image Source: Google

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