Consider the Following Things While Hiring a Web Designer

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Looking for a good web designer among millions providing services online can be overwhelming. It is indeed difficult to distinguish a good one from the thousands of service providers.


Customer’s Experience

Several of them are not aware of the questions to ask the potential designers. Even if they are provided with a question list, they will not know if the answers given are sensible or right. They do not understand the basics of web designing, so they are hiring a reliable web designer. However, this issue can be solved. Get equipped with information about traits to look for. You will certainly find a suitable web designer easily, who fulfills your needs.


Designer, developer, and implementer

It is necessary to understand the role of designer, developer, and implementer.


  • Web designer – Someone, who creates a feel and look of your website, is a web designer. A good website design works together with clients to select colors, create brand logos, discuss web page layouts, and mockups. You may think that website designing is making pretty picture, but it is more than that. A designer needs to be skilled about concepts like organizing site content, setting proper layout, and CTA for the site.
  • Web developer – Web developer makes use of designers mock up to build functional website. Developers, customize existing or new themes, add functionalities, or help to troubleshoot.
  • Implementer – Implementer helps to find suitable themes, installs them with necessary plug-ins, and teaches you to manage the site on completion. Implementer works with designer and developer.


Why understanding the difference between designer, developer and implementer matters?

People hire web designer, when they actually need implementer or developer. Therefore, before going on a hunt, it is vital to determine exactly what kind of skills and services are necessary for the project.


For example, if you desire to open an e-commerce store then you will need extra features like secured SSL payment gateway, inventory management synced with online and physical store, different access level for team members to process orders. Such services will need a designer and a developer to get the task done.


Does the potential web designer’s technique match your expectations?

Look through the designer’s portfolio and check the colors, logos, and layouts employed. It is just like shopping for dresses. Some options will grab your attention. If you wish for a very contemporary website then it will not make sense in hiring a designer, whose portfolio reveals 1996 flashbacks.


Who will develop the website, after completion of designing? Is it included in the quotation?

Many designers and developers work together, so clients pay price for design and development. Freelance web designers provide mockups, which needs to be taken to a developer for coding into an active website. Both the approaches are fine but make sure of the pricing, so you can prepare a budget, accordingly.


What about website maintenance and upkeep? Is it a DIY kind of task or needs professional support?

Websites are not onetime investment. To make millions online, you need to make certain ongoing expense. Sites need to be kept updated, especially if third party software or plug-in are used. Designer may provide maintenance services or give reference or you can learn to maintain your website.


What kind of mockups will be provided?

The designer will offer mockup in Illustrator or Photoshop format. An editable version of logo will be received. In case, any special fonts or images are used then it is vital to have the license to use. Make sure you learn about premium font and image license and usage rule.



Will the designer be available for changes or revision and what are the charges?

A web designer is hired for a defined project. An agreement is made, which does not mean they will give free service for life. Ask about the cost related to changes or revision of layouts in due course. However, the cost given now will change couple of years later.


How much time will it take for the website to get launched?

Based on agreed specifications, the website designer will tell you the time it will take to build your site. Find out what support you will need to provide all through the process. It will make you respond quickly to approvals and adjustments. Even find out what happens in case project takes longer than expected.


Author Bio:

Charles Crawford is a high-level entrepreneur and co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien. Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design, and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money).



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