Important Google AdWords Changes (Happening Right Now)

Google AdWords Changes


As you know, Google (for better or worse) is constantly changing. This time, it’s for better. Google recently held a release party where changes to AdWords were discussed.


The changes are big ones—that are really cool. As a business, you can use the changes to get your name out and increase conversions (thanks to an awesome new feature that will be discussed below). Let’s stop talking and get right into the good stuff that can help you.


Here we go:


You Can Now Use Google Maps to Give Your Business a Powerful Reach

Every day, over a billion people use Google Maps to get from point A to point B. That’s a big number—that can now be used to your benefit.


With the new AdWords Google Maps feature, you have the ability to match customer search history to your services, and then provide an ad as the customer uses Google Maps to get somewhere that’s near your business.
This is a powerful way for you to extend your businesses reach. Also; because it’s mobile-based, it gives you an advantage over traditional PC advertising.


You Can Now Use Text Ads…..

in an efficient manner.


Here’s why:


  • Real estate has increased by 45 characters
  • You can now use two headlines
  • Headlines have increased by five characters


New AdWords Features


As you can see, the text ad game has been changed. PPC marketing is evolving to marketing that’s actually marketing. Technical marketing (i.e. bidding, match text) is being replaced by creative copy marketing. Your ability to create compelling hooks and provide product/service descriptions can now be used effectively.


You Can Now Gain Valuable Information in Regards to Conversions

Google has created a feature where you can measure your ad’s effectiveness based on in-store conversions. It uses the map on customers’ phones to relate ad viewing to actual purchases.

This invaluable information can be used to show you if your ad is holding its weight. If it is, great. If it isn’t—back to the drawing board.


One More Thing You Should Know

Google’s mission is to change AdWords—and search—to a more mobile and tablet based medium. As you know, this medium is replacing traditional PCs at an incredibly fast rate. In the future, we’ll see more and more mobile and tablet advertising opportunities.




You now know three Google AdWord changes that can benefit your marketing campaign. Use any, all, or any combination of them to help extend your reach and maximize conversions. Realize that everything in the digital marketing world is becoming mobile/tablet based. Your marketing skills will soon be put to the test. If you need Brand Dignity’s assistance, we’ll gladly provide it.

Image Source: 123RF/Ingvar Bjork

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