Conversion Rates Low? Try these 7 Proven Strategies

Increase Conversion Rates


When it comes to internet marketing, increasing your conversion rates is vital. This represents the percentage of people who shop from your website. The higher your conversion rate, the higher your sales volume goes.


Value Proposition

Your conversion rate is heavily dependent on your value proposition– i.e. what exactly are you offering the reader and why should they buy something from you. Many marketers spend hours on improving the landing page but pay little attention to the unique selling proposition. Crafting the best value proposition requires focusing on what makes your company unique and what your competitors are up to.

A/B Testing

This technique is useful if you have two headlines for your landing page and are unsure which one to use. You can simply use any A/B testing software (such as Google Content Experiments) to create two pages with different headlines, but with a strong call to action, and observe which page gets more traffic and leads. There’s your winner.


A lot of businesses go all fancy with their call-to-action and value propositions. They include jargons and complex words. And this is where they go wrong. Your readers are looking for clarity and easy reading. So make sure to write in a simple and easy-to-understand language that focuses on people, not the company itself.


Sales Funnel

54181295 - business infographics with stages of a sales funnel, audience, clients, target and profit. lead and internet sales concept with funnel.
At times, what really destroys your conversion rate is your eagerness to “jump” into conclusions. Your reader might simply be browsing through your page for information and not necessarily interested in buying something. Here’s where a sales funnel comes in, as it allows you to plan your content so as to:


  • Offer valuable advice to your reader
  • Work as their trusted advisor
  • Convince them why they should sign up to your email list
  • Send them free content through emails
  • Redirect them to your sales copy page and ask them to place an order



Whenever two or more people go through your content, there’s bound to be a problem. They may find certain content sections redundant, invalid or offensive. To improve conversion, you need to address their concerns and hesitations through blog comments and social media engagement.


Buying Process

Your ultimate goal is customer retention and loyalty. For this reason, you will have to make it easy for them to do business with you. Your readers should be able to place an order with just a few clicks. The process of order placement should be so simple, obvious and straightforward that even a first-time online shopper should be able to find the right button to click.


Build Trust

If some random person offers you a fancy electronic gadget, would you go ahead and buy it right away? Or will you hesitate and inquire more about the person? If you chose the second option, then you need to know that this is exactly what readers think about your website.


Building trust is essential for conversions. To build consumer faith, you should make it easy for readers to verify the accuracy of your information, prove that your business is real, focus on your expertise, make your website look professional and make it easy for them to contact you.

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